One of the annoying things that homeowners report about the downside of having blackout curtains is that they smell in the few days or weeks after being installed. But does it, really? The good news is that these cases are isolated. Nevertheless, this article will attempt to tell you why blackout curtains smell and teach you ways on how to prevent it.

Having a smelly blackout curtain, or any window treatment for that matter, is indeed problematic. Facing this kind of problem trumps its function, for what use its functionality be if it leaves a bad smell in any room it is installed to.

Luckily, there are home remedies you can try to get rid of the annoying smell in blackout curtains. Read on as we will teach you how, as well as tips in preventing it from happening.

Why Do Blackout Curtains Smell?

The main culprit of this foul smell in blackout curtains is the process of manufacturing it. This is especially true for older types of blackout curtains.

Older types of blackout curtains are manufactured involving coating the polyester fabric with acrylic foam. In addition to this, adhesives are also infused with it. Combining the two maximizes the potential of this popular window treatments to block light.

Thereafter, these products are sealed in plastic containers ready to be sold. The problem is that they are only opened after they have been purchased and ready to be hanged.

Upon opening, homeowners can smell a pungent odor due to the chemicals used during its manufacturing. The strong odor will subside for not long. Unfortunately, chemicals are still present that make blackout curtains emit an undesirable smell.

If Blackout Curtains Contain Chemicals, Does This Mean They Are Toxic?

Don’t be afraid to have blackout curtains installed in your homes. While it’s true that there are chemicals infused to the product, they are to the bare minimum. In other words, they are still relatively safe. The only problem you have to deal with is the smell.

These chemicals are not toxic, and the probability of them affecting your health is low. If you are really meticulous about it, you can ask the suppliers for the chemical compositions used in the manufacturing of your desired blackout curtain.

Luckily, the problem of a smelly blackout curtain can be resolved without breaking the bank. Facing such a dilemma for a short period of time is not comparable to the convenience and comfort it gives over time.

How To Get Rid of the Smell from Blackout Curtains?

Getting rid of that smell in your brand-new blackout curtains is as easy as 1-2-3. It doesn’t need complicated steps and even complicated chemical solutions.

The Magical Vinegar

In this solution, what you need is just a bottle of white vinegar and a spray bottle. But, why vinegar? Well, vinegar is known to be an effective deodorizer. They can really eliminate odors from your curtains!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pour your white vinegar of choice into the spray bottle.

  2. Sprinkle both sides of the blackout curtains with mists from the spray bottle containing white vinegar.

  3. Observe if the curtains developed spots. If none developed, this is a good indication that it’s working.

  4. Smell the drapes to compare its smell before and after the spray.

  5. Repeat Step 1 to other areas of the blackout curtains.

Pro Tip: Aside from vinegar, you can also have vodka as an alternative!

Sun Dry

If the annoying smell has not been eliminated through the vinegar trick, consider washing your blackout curtains using a washing machine.

For this, you need a mild detergent. After a few minutes, dry them and let it hang in the open. Find a spot in your yard where it will receive minimal light. Getting it exposed to air will also do the trick.

Bear in mind that you need to avoid putting it in direct sunlight since it will have adverse effects on the fabric. If so, this will impair the ability of your blackout curtain to be fully functional.

Will Wash the Blackout Curtains Damage Its Fabrics?

Washing your blackout curtains using a washing machine will not damage its fabrics. That’s possible if extra care is taken in doing so.

It cannot be over-emphasized since the special construction of blackout curtains are so delicate. Most blackout curtains come with comprehensive washing instructions. Use this as your guide to know the do’s and dont’s in cleaning your blackout curtains to get rid of any smell.

Despite the Smell, Is Getting Blackout Curtains Still Worth It?

There are plenty of benefits attached to having blackout curtains in any home. It can effectively aid you in getting good sleep, provide better insulation, and block unnecessary external noise. Most importantly, it can give you total privacy whenever you need it.

The smell emitted by your new blackout curtains is only temporary. Compare that with the benefits listed above, then the logical conclusion is that getting blackout curtains is still definitely worth it!

It is important to talk to your local suppliers to ensure that the highest quality of blackout curtains will be provided to you. Befriend them and you will probably be afforded the chance to smell blackout curtains before paying for it!

Final Thoughts

Blackout curtains, being the window treatment of choice for many households, are still selling like hotcakes. This is because of its useful functionality in affording you privacy, better sleep, good room acoustics and good insulation. Not to mention its ability to help you save on energy bills!

If you happen to already have blackout curtains at home, make sure that you maintain it well so as to avoid it getting smelly. The tips we provided above are not utilizing rocket science methodologies. Hence, performing them will be very easy.

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