Venetian blinds are great for blocking light, but what about sound? Do they stop it, and how? If so, then what is the excellent material to use, and does the color matter?

If you’ve been considering using blinds to add more privacy to your window, you may have thought about whether or not they would block sound, as well. From the looks of it, not everyone is sure.

Venetian blinds do help for soundproofing the windows. However, the materials of the slats must be timber. Timber is an excellent material that can help to insulate the windows the most, while the sound waves from coming into the house.

Are Venetian Blinds Soundproof?

Venetian blinds provide a certain degree of soundproofing, but most Venetian blinds cannot stop the sound from coming into the house entirely. However, there are some exceptions. A good example is Venetian timber blinds.

The reason why they can block out the sound is because of their timber material. This type of wood is more insulating, and if the blinds are made to fit the window well, they will reduce the outside noise pollution, preventing part of the sound that gets in.

The materials of Venetian blinds play a large role in how well they can soundproof a home. Your excellent choice will be to go with tight-fitting Venetian blinds that contain oversized slats and are made from timber.

The next factor that plays a role in soundproofing is how well the blinds fit the window, as well as if the slats close tightly.

Other Sound Blocking Window Covering Options

Sound pollution is a common problem for many people, especially those who live near roads, trains, or airports. The sound waves that hit your windows are often the reason why you cannot rest at home or relax during the night. This is one of the main reasons why people seek out sound-blocking window coverings.

One of the great ways to soundproof your windows and doors is to add an extra layer to them. Anything you add will serve as an extra layer of protection from outdoor sound pollution.

In this case, it will be the blinds that insulate your windows and lower the amount of noise that gets in. From the article so far, you already know that the right materials are essential in blocking sound, and also that Venetian blinds can block sounds to a certain extent. There are also other types of blinds on the market that work just as well, or even better.

Roman Blinds

First on the list will be Roman blinds. They are the perfect mixture between blinds and curtains and are one of the great choices you can make for soundproofing your windows.

The elegant look of Roman blinds is given by the fabric that’s used. They can be picked in various colors, and sizes, and are stylish accessories for your windows.

In terms of soundproofing, they stand a step above the rest because of the material they use – fabric. Fabric is one of the great materials when it comes to blocking sound because it can absorb the sound waves that pass through the window and prevent them from spreading and reflecting around the house.

If soundproofing is your goal, it’s suggested to look for thicker materials, even if they might come out at a heftier price. The heavier and thicker the fabric, the better it is at reducing the sounds from the outdoors. In addition, consider trying out blackout fabric material as it will aid in the soundproofing of your windows.

Honeycomb Blinds

The structure, material, and qualities of the blinds all play a part in stopping sound waves. Honeycomb blinds are one of the recommended choices – if not the great option you can choose for soundproofing your home.

Let us start with the structure – “Honeycomb” what does that mean? The so-called cells of these blinds are perfect when it comes to trapping the sounds from both inside and outside the home. They absorb the outdoor noises and keep them from disturbing your ears while you’re at the home.

You will see that Honeycomb blinds are made of fabrics – an excellent material when it comes to soundproofing your windows.

Honeycomb blinds are great for insulation of the window, and that can significantly aid you in the fight against outdoor sounds, allowing you to block them and reduce the in-home noises drastically.

The Excellent Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Venetian blinds, shutters and curtains are another option to consider for blocking outdoor noise.

Shutters are a good alternative for blocking out the outdoor sounds you hear – serving as a shield from things like sirens, traffic, birds, and people walking past. They are great because shutters are often big, thick, and in good cases, made of wood. The material, plus the insulating capabilities of their slats, makes them a great choice to block out sound.

Sometimes people combine both shutters (internal or external) and curtains in their homes for an additional effect. This way, you will have the wooden material blocking some of the sound waves as well as the thick, slick fabric absorbing the rest of the sound that may pass through the shutters.

The combination of these two options does not only go for the curtains and the shutters. You can experiment and even do it with your blinds, although it will not work with all types.

For example, if you use wooden slat Venetian blinds, you can easily pick well-fitting curtains and use them together. That way, you will block the sound out more efficiently while keeping the aesthetics of your home intact.

Tip: Feel free to improvise with different options to see what works great for you

Where Can I Buy Noise-Reducing Venetian Blinds?

The most convenient place to purchase your noise-reducing Venetian blinds are:

  • Amazon.
  • Look for a local vendor who offers Venetian blinds with wooden slats.

If you have decided to look for blinds from Amazon, it will be advisable to search for excellent-fitting ones for your specific needs. First, check if they offer the sizes you require, the materials (timber is recommended), and the slat description (if there is a more detailed one). From there, you can browse people’s reviews and see the public opinion about the seller. Lastly, weigh all the factors and make a final decision.

The second option – the great one in our opinion – will be to look for a local seller who manufactures or simply sells blinds. They will most likely have what you’re looking for, and you will be able to browse from a variety of choices, see for yourself what they will look like, communicate with the vendor, and discuss what will be the great variant.

With these being the two great options you have, we hope you can make the right choice and get yourself the deal for the finest Venetian blinds that can block out the sound. Keep in mind that the materials are essential, and while you’re there, consider picking yourself up some curtains for an extra layer in the soundproofing battle!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about whether the Venetian blinds can stop the sound from ruining your peace at home, it’s time for you to go out and decide which ones to get.

With all that information to focus on, you are now able to make an educated decision on what to pick and how to combine varieties for maximum sound-blocking effects.

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