If you are an audiophile, or someone who is passionate about recorded sound and its quality, having a well-insulated room is pretty important. But did you know that as well as investing in good sound equipment, your choice of window treatments is just as important?

If you are looking to convert one of your rooms into a music or entertainment room, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know in order for you to maximize your entertainment system as you select the great window treatments for your music or entertainment room.

Importance of Good Acoustics

Your music or entertainment room will not be as effective if you don’t pay attention to good acoustics. The way it amplifies your music or speech clarity (in case you are watching movies) will make or break your enjoyment.

Having good acoustics will have a significant effect on your listening experience, comprehension, and understanding. A lot of factors come into play to achieve this, but nothing is more underestimated than the important role of window treatments.

Can Window Treatments Aid in Producing Good Acoustics?

The presence of windows in an entertainment room can pose an issue for sound quality but will also be dependent on where your home, or more specifically, windows of the entertainment room are situated. Eg, are they next to a busy street, above the floor of an apartment, or in a basement?

Window treatments, despite how simple they appear to be, contribute significantly to achieving excellent acoustics for your music and entertainment rooms. Depending on the size of the room and its respective windows, a good window treatment will help you fix any sound and noise issues.

How to Choose Noise Cancelling Window Treatments?

When choosing window treatments for your music and entertainment rooms, there are several considerations you need to keep in mind. This will guide you to decide which option to install in your rooms.

  1. You need to choose a window treatment that has a strong ability to absorb some level of sound. Window treatments that have thick fabrics will be a good idea for reducing exterior noise.
  1. You might want to choose a window treatment that effectively blocks the light. Aside from external noise, any unwanted light that penetrates your music or entertainment rooms will have an impact on your experience.
  1. You might want to consider combining window treatments for ultimate satisfaction. For instance, pairing drapes or curtains with blinds is an excellent idea.
  1. If you opt to have blackout curtains, use ceiling-mounted brackets instead of wall brackets. Doing so will make them closer to the ceiling. The more that it blocks sound, the better.

Our Great Pick Sound Absorbing Window Treatments

Below are Blindio’s recommendations that you can install in your home for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Cellular Shades

Due to their ability to insulate any window from external noise, topping our list are cellular shades. With plenty of options on the market today, cellular shades are a firm favourite with interior designers to solve any unwanted sound from entering a room via windows.

They can absorb up to 70% of the sound, which easily translates to a quieter, and more relaxing music or entertainment room.

Installing them is easy, and the fact that they are widely available makes them our excellent choice.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are normally made from a thick fabric, perfect for both external sound and light elimination.

Their thick fabric makes them a good insulator, perfect for your movie nights and jamming with your family.

Roller blinds are perfect insulators. With their multi-layered fabric, they also add mass or weight to any window helping to block out any unwanted noise.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds, also known for their thick and dense fabric, also appear near the apex of our list of noise-busting window coverings. They are perfect for those wanting to achieve the look of a curtain, but with the functionality of blinds.

If you decide to choose roman blinds as your window treatment, make sure you select a brand with the thickest fabric. This will ensure great noise cancellation and in turn, movie watching, and music-listening bliss.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber or wood is a natural insulator. Having them in any room will help eliminate sound. You can combine timber Venetian blinds with other window treatments for optimum performance.

For instance, combining them with thick drapery can eliminate unnecessary external noise. Window treatment combinations will not only reduce noise pollution but also look good, too.

Honeycomb Blinds

The functionality of well-constructed honeycomb blinds is also a good choice to help you on your way to making your room soundproof. They effectively and efficiently trap noise within the cells of the blinds.

Its fabric cells absorb sound, making them not only a perfect choice for your music room, but also for other rooms as well. Combining them with a blackout curtain will also maximize their ability to reduce noise.

Some Important FAQs on Sound-Absorbing Window Treatments

Do I Need A Big Budget for My Soundproofing Project At Home?

The answer largely depends on the size of your room. Bigger rooms with large windows will use a considerable amount of your budget.

If you are working on a tight budget, consider exploring the most effective window treatment that works for you. Of course, the goal of effective sound elimination must not be sacrificed.

Do I Need A Professional To Install Sound-Absorbing Window Treatments?

Most of the window treatments available on the market today are super easy to install. As such, it’s unlikely that you will need much help installing them.

We at Blindio, however, recommend consulting with a professional to make sure that you get the work done properly and get the desired finish. While this could mean an additional budget, taking advice from a professional is always worth it.

Will The Color of My Window Treatments Matter For My Music And Entertainment Room?

Music and entertainment rooms are characterized by their dark environment. Having a room with minimal light adds vibrancy and drama to the room. Think about how movie theaters utilize mild lighting to help promote a relaxed environment.

In the same manner, imitating the aura of movie theaters is an excellent move. As such, choosing darker colors for your window treatments can help achieve a darker environment.

Final Thoughts

Entertaining our families and guests at home is a satisfying experience. Aside from investing in good entertainment equipment, we have hopefully made you give consideration to the window treatments you choose.

A combination of good equipment and excellent window treatments will be sure to give you an amazing place to listen to your favorite music or watch awesome movies. Be warned though….your home will be THE place to go, so get used to a house full of friends and family.

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