This may come as a surprise to you but plantation shutters are not only suitable for windows. In fact, french doors dressed with shutters are now gaining popularity. 

Plantation shutters are a perfect alternative for large window treatments for your french doors thanks to their durability, versatility and style.

There are plenty of shutter options available for french doors in today's market and they are a great solution for those who hate snagging and dangling - a common theme with most window treatments. 

If you have considered having shutters installed on your French doors, read on as we give you a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know about plantation shutters for french doors

What Are The Benefits of Having French Doors with Shutters?

French door shutters offer a wide range of strengths that make them a perfect addition to your home. Here are just some of the reasons why you should have them:

Total Privacy 

If you value your privacy, then having shutters on your french doors is a great choice. With their tightly-knit frames, it makes life difficult for prying eyes to invade your privacy. 

When looking at the window from the outside, shutters produce no silhouette, thus ensuring total privacy. This is a stark contrast to thinner curtains which do tend to produce silhouettes when the light is on inside. As a result, shutters make a perfect window treatment for bedrooms and studies.


There’s no debate about this: shutters evoke a sense of nostalgia. While they may look aged for some modernists, shutters offer a unique sense of timelessness that easily blends with almost any contemporary style. 

Light Control

If you want to eliminate or add some light in any room with french doors, installing plantation shutters is effective at doing the job. You can control the amount of light that enters the room by simply tilting the shutter louvers, which is less hassle and less time-consuming compared with cords in traditional blinds.

Easy Architectural Design Matching

Interior designers and architects alike highly recommend shutters for french doors. More than the aesthetics, they suggest having them because they easily match with the elements and colors in any room. 

As such, your fear of them being out-of-place is unfounded. In fact, they make a great addition to any room where you are planning to install them.

They Block Noise and Sound

Of all the benefits listed here, this is the most enticing. Did you know that shutters provide good insulation and are effective in blocking external noise? 

Since they provide good insulation, you can also expect potential savings on your energy bills, therefore making shutters a practical and economical choice for your home.

Are French Door Shutters Expensive?

Image courtesy of T and C Shutters

Most home owners agree that french doors are not easy to dress. But with the technology and the variety of options on the market today, that should not be a problem. Installing shutters on yoru french doors is relatively affordable.

Shutters for french doors are not expensive but they are certainly not the cheapest option. The main factor is of course, the size of the doors and the materials they are made from. The good news is, that the market is flooded with a lot of options, so shop around and see if it’s cheaper to get a specialist window treatment company to measure/quote, or if you are better off going down the DIY route and ordering them online. If you go down the DIY route be 100% sure you have measured correctly!

What Are The Materials To Choose From?

Here are the most common materials to choose for shutters on your french doors:

Faux Wood Shutters

These are made of solid wood composite. This is a good choice because they won’t chip, crack, or warp. Faux wood also doesn’t fade (or turn yellow) for a longer time as most faux wood shutters are painted with ultraviolet light inhibitors. So even if they are constantly exposed to sunlight, they will look brand new!

Real Wood Shutters

Hardwood as a material for shutters is a great option. Go for this to achieve a natural feel of real wood. As you know, real wood blends well with any interior decor. The downside is that this option is normally the most expensive.

When dressing french doors with real wood shutters you need to be aware of  humidity levels and moisture getting into the wood can certainly cause issues

As a result, this is why real wood shutters are not recommended for bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms.

Laminated Wood Shutters

Laminated wood shutters are wrapped in vinyl. These are good alternatives for real wood shutters and are much cheaper than real wood.

The down side about laminated wood shutters, is that they are also not built to withstand high moisture environments. 

Style Options For Your French Door Shutters

Full Height Shutters

These cover the whole of your french door. They can be designed with a three-sided frame,with no frame piece at the bottom so you can step over easily. They have a mid-rail that can hide handles and also come with adjustable louvers. This will enable you to have full control over the density of light in your room.

Half Solid Raised Shutters

Half Solid Raised Shutters are characterized by its top-louvered section, and the other half below has a solid raised bottom. Like full height shutters, they can also be built within a three-sided frame. This is a popular choice of style for those who prefer a traditional look.

Where To Get French Door Shutters

Check your local suppliers for a wide-range of options. You may also want to browse through the online catalog of Home Depot, where they provide you with a list of different options.

Alternatively, you can also do the same at Lowes where they also have a wide selection of different shutter styles.

Aside from these established stores, your local window treatment suppliers can also help you by measuring and providing the most suitable option for your scenario - it is always better to consult a window treatment professional for the greatest results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are French Door Shutters Hard To Clean?

Definitely not! In fact, among all window treatments, shutters are the easiest to clean. For dirt not to build up, you need to clean your shutters regularly. You can do so with a damp cloth. You might also want to consider what cleaning products you use, as this may affect the color of your shutters over time.

Can You Have Shutters And Curtains Together?

You can definitely combine both shutters and curtains. This is where you can unleash your full creativity. You can look up design inspiration on the Internet to help you decide how to beautify your room!

Are French Door Shutters Energy Efficient?

During winter, french door shutters when closed are effective in preventing heat loss by more than 50%. Hence, we can say with high degree of confidence that french door shutters, like most shutters, are energy efficient.  Of course, it would help if you have solid-built french door shutters to maximize their energy efficiency capabilities. 

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of adding some life and spice to your french doors, having shutters will really do the trick. Make sure that you do your research to ensure you get the nicest look, price and energy efficiency.

Be sure to read our buyer’s guide on shutters to expand your knowledge on this highly-effective window treatment. If you are planning to install shutters in a room with high levels of moisture, read our guide on waterproof shutters.

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