French door windows can do wonders to any house, especially when it comes to inviting sunlight. After all, nothing beats the pleasure of being filled with natural light and treated to a view of the outdoors. But if the light and glare get too upsetting or if the room is too bare and you just want to add a little something, don’t be scared. This is where French door window treatments come in.

However, French door windows are perhaps one of the most difficult parts to treat. Always consider that, as well as the fact that glass doors and windows are one of the most vital parts of any interior design. Yes, it will be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. They’re already beautiful as they are, but a little sprinkle of creativity and practicality wouldn’t hurt either. 

Below are some of the many ideas that you could use to treat your French door windows. You may choose from the most basic to the most advanced options like customized curtains, shutters, and shades. There will be something for everyone’s choice of style and budget, so don’t lose hope. There is always a way for you to put your French door window to a whole new level. 

In each treatment below, there are attached pros and cons so that you’ll be able to decide which of them you’re going to use and which one is far more practical and suited for your French door windows.


Important French Door Window Treatments:

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb blinds, cellular shades are one of the great treatments to pair up with French door windows. They’re common and you can always find them in several homes and offices. It’s perhaps one of the most convenient and energy-efficient designs. Cellular shades don’t just block out light – they also block sounds. 

Indeed, they won’t just filter light; they’ll also give your place a bit of peacefulness and tranquility. This will be perfect for those who want to work and focus on a well-lighted place. With that said, you will also be able to have privacy when it comes to honeycomb shades. Just a good pull-down and you’ll be in your little world, unbothered by prying eyes and noises, making it the ideal treatment if you are a very private person who’s living in the city or the suburbs. 

Another win if you choose cellular shades is the fact that they can help with controlling the temperature in the room. Aside from being designed to block light and unwanted noises of the outdoors, cellular shades can also serve as a buffer or another layer that can help you keep the warmth in, and the cold out. 

Cellular shades are lightweight and slim, making them stackable. This makes them a big advantage for those who lean more on the minimalist side since treatments that offer insulation and blocking of sound are far bulkier than you may expect. It’s minimalist, efficient, and very versatile. Cellular shades won’t just let you adjust the lighting of your home, but also its mood and atmosphere. 

However, there is also a downside to this. As mentioned, cellular shades are very minimalistic and they will never be attractive to those who want to have a pop of colors or patterns in their room. Honeycomb shades would not be considered fashionable. They’re efficient but they’re not as eye-catching as other treatments. 

Another drawback to this is the fact that cleaning them can be a challenge. They gather dust daily and you have to pull them down and wash them with water, preferably in the tub. Also, though they let you adjust the amount of light to get into the room, cellular shades make it impossible to adjust natural lighting. It’s all or nothing when it comes to these shades. 


Considered one of the many window furnishings that fall in the elite category, shutters will not only give you light filtration but can also beautify your interior. They’re among the most commonly used window furnishings in Europe. Not only that but they also go perfectly well with French door windows especially when your home is located in a coastal area. What better way to filter light without destroying the beautiful view of a beach?

Shutters are often seen in plantation houses, even in the early days. Yes, they will make your interior classy and are very sturdy. They won’t be moving or shifting here and there whenever you open and close the doors. Not to mention that their blades are movable and will offer you ease when it comes to adjusting the level of light. All you have to do is move the louvers in angles until the light hits right. 

Aside from good light filtration, shutters will also give you spectacular airflow and additional protection. Just recall how historical movies show someone closing the shutters whenever there is a storm coming, or when something bad is about to happen. 

Also, shutters can be installed both outside and inside, depending on your preferences. Another plus point: shutters’ materials are strong and are not quick to show aging. They are also very easy to clean since they are not made of fabric. There is an ample amount of gap between the blades which makes cleaning them easier and faster. All you have to do is get a dry duster or a microfiber cloth and you don’t have to worry about making dents. 

Shutters will further dress up your home since they also come in many styles and colors which can always be used in the external and internal parts of your home. 

However, the downside of choosing shutters is the very fact that they’re not cheap and may not be possible for anyone who’s on a tight budget. But what do you expect from a window furnish that will give your house a touch of timelessness?

Shutters are pricey because they’re way up there in terms of style, durability, and practicality. Just notice how a house donned with shutters is often valued higher when it’s on sale. Consider installing them as a part of your investment. Who knows? You may end up selling your place in the future and having shutters on your French door windows is reason enough to put a nice price tag on it.

Another con to consider if you want to choose shutters is the fact that they may demand space. Remember that shutters open inwards, making it difficult to put furniture and other stuff in front of it. You have to place them a bit further just so you could close and open them without any hassle. If you aim to put furniture near your French door window, shutters may not be a good choice for you.

Roman and Roller Shades

These two are probably among the treatments that will least likely cross anyone’s mind. They’re not what one may consider staple designs for window furnishings but they have their quirks. In the case of the Roman shades, they have these soft folds that work flawlessly with French door windows, especially with the clean lines of the doors. They are flatly constructed in a way that smoothly accommodates the door handles. Plus their fabrics often fit very well. 

Roller shades on the other hand will allow you to cover your French door windows with a clean look and a contemporary flair. They may come off as very utilitarian, but they can serve as the ideal choice for those who want to have their interior clean and chic-looking. 

The pros behind choosing Roman shades are the very fact that they come in many different styles and materials, making them very fluid when it comes to space and face value. In short, Roman shades are convenient and will cater to your tastes.

So if you prefer to have a contemporary, minimalist, and chic-looking room, just choose Roman shades that have solid colors, are sleek, or are made of linen. The satin weave of a check-designed one will also work. 

Meanwhile, look for designs with more cotton content, tweed, or woven, or with silk filters if you prefer something warm. You may also go for linen Roman shades if you want to block some lighting in your room. They will darken it and give you privacy. 

Another good thing about Roman blinds is that they’re very easy to clean. Most of them are made of synthetic materials so they’re very easy to wipe and are a bit immune when it comes to mold. 

The only downside with these shades is that they can be a bit less accommodating when it comes to light control. It’s true that they can filter and block light, but adjusting them to the level you desire may not be easy. They’re designed like a one-piece thing, making light control a bit of a challenge.

On the other hand, if you prefer to don sheer shades, there would be less privacy for you. And if you want natural lights to bathe the area, you may need to stack open the shades and just fully expose the window. 

Roman and roller shades are convenient and fashionable, but they might not be able to give you full light control without having to expose your French door windows. 


Blinds are also a good option for furnishing French door windows. They’re made of various materials that could fit certain moods and designs that you have in mind. You can choose from real hardwood, faux wood, or even aluminum blinds if you’re after durability. Also, blinds have slats that will offer you ease when it comes to light control. They can also help protect French door windows that get a lot of glare from the sun. 

You will be having a great deal of privacy and uninterrupted morning sleep, especially when you want to sleep in. They’re very efficient at blocking sunlight and will do well in protecting you from harmful UV rays. Their slats are very adjustable, letting you customize the amount of natural light that passes through. This makes them perfect for open spaces, living rooms, workrooms, or in any corner where you want to play with light. 

And with light control, blinds can also help you in cooling your home. They can block the majority of light so you don’t have to deal with harmful rays or steamy heat. Blinds are perfect for properties with hot locations. Plus, their slats do not flap when a breeze passes through. You will be able to have a quiet time while the outdoor breeze cools your home. The same adjustable slats are also responsible for making blinds very easy to clean. 

Cleaning curtains and draperies is never an easy task, especially when the fabric and materials are heavy. If you don’t want to face such an ordeal, blinds will be just the thing to do over your French door window. They can be easily cleaned by wiping them with dusters or a damp cloth. Blinds will give you more time to do other house chores, as well as give you a well-lighted place to do work. 

Aside from their functionality, blinds can also be customized. You can choose designs and measurements that fully fit your window and your preference. The only drawback of choosing blinds for your French door window is the fact that they may require maintenance. 

Take note that blinds focus more on functionality, which means that they are designed to have the intricate mechanism to do their part and these elements require maintenance from time to time since there is a big chance that your blinds will get worn out or acquire certain damages as time goes by. To keep the blinds going, check it regularly for damages. 

And yes, blinds are often susceptible to damage, especially when you are in a busy home, and that’s natural. This is another flaw in choosing blinds. They can be damaged easily, especially when they’re not being handled very well. It’s always a good thing if you check on the cord and slats from time to time just to make sure that the blinds are operational in the next few days. 

Now that you’re aware of the different French door window treatments you can start your search for the one that suits the overall theme of your home and your budget. Simply weigh the pros and cons of every treatment until you find the one that’s right for you.

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