Venetian blinds give a classic style to windows, improve the control of light and heat, and enhance the privacy of the room. It is a very popular style of blinding among the huge selection of window coverings on the market. Given the large array of materials and colors available, the cleaning process varies from one material to another.

After researching and choosing the great Venetian blinds for our home, we often overlook maintaining and keeping the blinds clean after installation. Any kind of blinds or shades store dust, pet hair, and other dirt particles as we go about our daily lives. So, here we come with a detailed step-by-step process on how to clean Venetian blinds

It has not been documented how often you should clean your blinds. This is more of a personal preference and will depend on the lifestyle you lead, how many pets you have, etc.

It will vary depending on what room the blinds are in. Venetian blinds in a kitchen are well suited. Grease and smells from cooking mean you will have to do deep, deep cleaning instead of quick dust or wiping for blinds in bedrooms or living areas. We recommend a minimal clean approach to prevent your blinds from getting filthy and stained, resulting in the need to be replaced sooner.

The good news about Venetian blinds is their ease of cleaning. Below we will cover tips and tricks to keep your Venetian blinds spotless.

Luckily for us, due to their design, you do not have to clean each slat individually or remove the entire blind from the window. A few simple tools like this awesome 7-finger Venetian blind duster, some time, and some elbow grease are all you need to get the job done.

How To Clean Venetian Blinds Gently (Regular Cleaning)?

This method is advisable for regular cleaning of your blinds, especially if they are in a room with a lot of dust.

  • The basic cleaning process is to wipe off the dirt or grime without removing the blinds from their frame. Use soft cloths and gently clean the dust along the length of the blinds.
  • This cleaning process aims not to harm the material but to free it from dust while still hanging. Always be gentle when cleaning your blinds to ensure you don’t break them.
  • If there are some splatters on the material’s surface, you can use chemical-free soap or liquid detergents to clean them off.
  • While using soap or detergent, make sure to use it gently so as not to harm the texture of the blind. Also, do not make the blind too wet as it can cause more severe damage.
  • You can also use a duster to clean your blinds under the regular cleaning process. Under running water, gently wipe the blinds with the duster. This method can be employed to remove any hard debris or dirt from your blinds.
  • Lastly, you can vacuum your blinds with a suction vacuum cleaner. You can clean your Venetian blinds at home with this easiest method.

How To Deep Clean Venetian Blinds?

Cleaning your Venetian blinds in the morning is a great time because you can clean them and put them back in the evening.

Step 1. Clean the slats of the blinds manually with a soft, fabric-free cloth.

Step 2. Remove any dust accumulation on the blinds by rinsing them. Depending on your preference, you can use warm or cold water.

Step 3. A few drops of cleaning solution should be applied to the cloth and wiped across the blinds from above to the bottom. Also, remember to follow the directions on the label.

Step 4. Clean the bottom section of the blind and reinstall it to dry.

Step 5. Before using the blinds again, allow them to dry out for approximately 24 hours thoroughly.

How To Clean Venetian Blinds Based on Materials?

As we have already discussed, there are many types of Venetian blinds, and each one of them requires a different way of cleaning. To simplify things, we have divided the types of Venetian blinds by material and described a step-by-step process to clean each one.

Wooden Venetian Blinds:

It’s tough to clean wood-based Venetian blinds. Typically, these blinds are made from natural wood and finished with an oil-based coat. Removing dust and dirt will be challenging. Some tips for cleaning wooden Venetian blinds are:

  • Use a clean and damp microfiber cloth. Make sure you do not use anything that grinds or is too wet. Ensure that it will not leave any streaks when using it on the blinds.
  • Work your way slowly down the blinds starting above and cleaning them all. You must do this carefully, as any amount of force can cause damage to the wood.
  • If your blinds are dusty, use the dry side of this cloth, and if they are dirty, use the wet side. You might find fingerprints or other greasy substances on them by mistake.
  • Clean the wooden Venetian blinds with a specially made cleaner if they are filthy. Cleaners of this type typically clean surfaces like glass and wood.

Faux Wood Blinds:

Faux wood blinds are equally easy to clean. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Vacuum the blinds thoroughly after turning them inside out and cleaning the fabric on the back of the blinds. Before they are washed, you should vacuum them to remove dust.
  • After removing the dust from the blinds, it’s time for hard and deep cleaning. Make a mixture of dish washing detergent and warm water, and wear rubber gloves for this process.
  • Wet the blinds using a spray bottle and then liberally apply the detergent and water mix.
  • Scrub the blinds using a sponge until the blinds get cleaned. It’s important not to exaggerate this part to exclude damages over the wood horizontal slats.
  • Wipe the soap residue away. Clean the blinds with a wet rag.
  • Last, it would be recommended to make sure the swabs are dry. Use a dry cloth to run it through each swab.

Vinyl or Aluminum Venetian Blinds:

Aluminum Venetian blinds can be tricky to clean, especially if you’ve never done it before. You should be able to accomplish it if you follow these steps:

  • To start, dampen a cloth with warm water and detergent and clean the inside of the blinds.
  • You can remove any dust and dirt accumulated over time by performing this step correctly.
  • It would be great if you also cleaned the exterior of the blinds once you have cleaned the interior.
  • You need to repeat the same process we’ve just described for the outer parts.
  • You will need a special cloth for cleaning the glass after cleaning the Venetian blinds.
  • You can then use this to wipe the outside of the aluminum slats down, and it should remove any smudges or marks that have been left.

Fabric Venetian Blinds (Pleated, Roman, and Cellular):

Fabric Venetian blinds are easy to clean with the following few tips:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting, clean and dust the Venetian fabric blinds.
  • You can use a hairdryer if you don’t have a household vacuum.
  • Dust caught between the creases, and the openings should be blown away.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean stained blinds, but do not over-saturate.

How To Clean Venetian Blinds Without Taking Them Down?

Washing Venetian blinds isn’t as easy as washing curtains; it is a little hard as it completely depends on your handling and experience. The great part of cleaning Venetian blinds is that you can wash them without taking them down.

All you need is a non-abrasive cloth or duster to wipe down the dust from all the horizontal slats of the blinds. If you look for deep cleaning without removing the blinds from the brackets, use a vacuum cleaner to accumulate dust clouds or girts.

These two steps are basic and common for all types of materials. When you use Venetian Blinds made of Vinyl, Aluminum, and Faux wood, you should use detergent or soap oil to wash them.

Post that, use a soft cloth to wipe them, and allow them to dry. You should avoid washing with the water of soap oil for wood or fabric Venetian blinds

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the excellent way to clean Venetian blinds?

Dusting the slats with a feather or fluffy duster is the easiest way to clean Venetian blinds. To remove all dust and dirt, you should wipe each slat with a dry or damp cloth. Specific Venetian blind cleaners are also available at many retailers.

How to clean Venetian blinds without taking them down?

Dust them with a feather duster or by using a soft cloth. This is one of the great ways to clean the blinds without taking them down. Never wash your wooden blinds with water, as this can cause warping and discoloration. You should also avoid harsh chemicals that could damage your blinds.

What is the easiest way to clean plastic Venetian blinds?

Remove the blinds from the frame and clean them with water in a bathtub, dish soap, and baking soda (a natural stain fighter). Rinse the blinds with warm water after soaking for about an hour. Clean up any remaining dust or dirt with a damp cloth.

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