Honeycomb blinds are pretty much a stranger to homeowners who only know either roman blinds or vertical blinds due to their extreme popularity. Lately, however, interior designers have slowly introduced honeycomb blinds as a good, even better, alternative to cover your home windows.

Honeycomb blinds are a favorite choice among homeowners and interior designers alike for practically outstanding reasons. Honeycomb blinds will keep your home cool and exude calmness, without breaking the bank.

Aside from the reasons stated above, what makes honeycomb blinds a cut above the rest? Read on as we give you a substantial list of reasons, along with its strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, after reading this, you will finally have the decision to give this trendy window treatment that’s taking the interior designing world by storm.

What are Honeycomb Blinds?

One distinct characteristic of honeycomb blinds is their structure. It resembles a honeycomb if you happen to look at them side on. Honeycomb blinds are also known as cellular blinds or shades.

Interior designers are going gaga over this particular type of window treatment due to its ability for multi-level opacity and translucency. It is also available in different colors, cell sizes, and the like. Overall, honeycomb blinds are recommended for their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

What are the Design Options for Honeycomb Blinds?

Like most window treatments in the market today, honeycomb blinds also offer a wide range of options. This will enable you to select which is great for your home, considering your unique taste for design. Here are some you need to know:

Honeycomb Blinds Come in Different Sizes

Honeycomb blinds are available in both 10mm and 20mm variants. While at first, it seems nothing much differs, either of them has a unique function. The most distinct of these unique functions are as follows:

10mm variant of honeycomb blinds: distinctive for the slimline look that makes it a perfect option for small windows. It is similarly excellent for a wide range of windows in the event that bigger products won’t fit just as well.

20mm variant of honeycomb blinds: If those 10mm variants are a great choice for small windows, the 20mm variant is what we recommend for relatively large windows. Single and double cells are available for this variant.

If your objective is to have better room insulation, we recommend getting the 20mm variant. Honeycomb blinds will be even more effective if you choose those with double cells for excellent insulation.

Honeycomb Blinds: Fabric and Material Options

The good thing about honeycomb blinds is that it comes in different types. Each one utilizes distinct fiber and material options. Depending on your preference, it will definitely serve its purpose. Here are the options you can choose from:

Blackout Honeycomb Blinds

Blackout honeycomb blinds are made of an opaque material. With this material, its ability to block unwanted light is guaranteed. The minimal gaps on both sides where little light can penetrate is forgivable. Overall, it serves its purpose.

Translucent Honeycomb Blinds

Translucent honeycomb blinds are the blinds of choice for those yearning for some room for privacy. It has the ability to filter light since you won’t be able to see through it. This special feature will thus offer you peace of mind, with privacy guaranteed all throughout the day!

Sheer Honeycomb Blinds

Known for their simplicity, sheer honeycomb blinds have a see-through fabric. This means you can keep your privacy from the inside. This is especially helpful for any room other than your bedroom, where privacy should be king.

Pro Tip: Can’t decide yet which one to choose and which one is perfect for your home? Well, you can contact your local suppliers to provide you with day and night types of honeycomb blinds. What’s good about them? Well, this type combines the fabric types listed above!

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Get Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds offer different reasons why they are perfect for your respective homes. Aside from its beauty and simplicity, there are still other features that will make it a distinct home essential. Below are some of the things that make honeycomb blinds a perfect choice for your home:

Honeycomb Blinds Keep Your Home Warm or Cool

The cells that resemble a honeycomb can trap air through their unique pockets. By trapping the air, honeycomb blinds have the ability to insulate any given room, at any given season. For instance, during winter, it keeps warm air inside the room. When it is hot outside during summer, there is no chance for cold air to get out.

What does this mean? Well, by serving this function, you will be able to save big time in your energy costs. Installing honeycomb blinds in your homes is indeed like hitting two birds with just one stone!

Honeycomb Blinds Has a Unique Operating Options to Suit Your Preference

Perhaps the most innovative type of window treatment you can find in the market today is honeycomb blinds. This is due to their efficient and unique operating options. This innovation will surely suit any type of window, depending on how you want it to function.

As an illustration, here are the different operating options available offered by any type of honeycomb blinds:

  • Use the honeycomb blind from apex to bottom (as most traditional blinds are operated)
  • You can also use them either apex to down, or bottom to up
  • Day and night types of honeycomb blinds are also available where you can choose to block light effectively, or you might want some light to peek through the room

Honeycomb blinds operated by smartphones and motors are also available. This will enable you to get rid of different types of cords that might pose a risk especially if you have children at home.

Honeycomb Blinds Offer Some Sense of Privacy

Homeowners love how much privacy is being given by honeycomb blinds. This is due to the fabric and materials that make up its construction. Since they are available in different material types, you can get to choose what would be the perfect type of honeycomb blind that will be installed in your room.

Honeycomb Blinds Can Help Reduce External Sound

Tired of external sound? Tired of unwanted sound that disturbs the serenity of your room? Honeycomb blinds can help solve this problem as it has the ability to filter external sound. This is achieved because of its cell-type construction that doubles as a vacuum, thereby giving you the assurance of peaceful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Lifespan of Honeycomb Blinds?

Surprisingly, honeycomb blind are comparable to leading types of window treatments. Refer to the table below for the average life cycles of the different types of window treatments, including honeycomb blinds:

Window Treatment Type

Average Lifespan

Honeycomb Blinds

5-7 years

Mini Blinds

2-4 years

Roman Shades

5-7 years

Mini Blinds

2-4 years

Faux Wood Blinds

3-5 years


8-12 years

Wood Shutters

10-15 years

Polywood Shutters

30+ years

Can Honeycomb Blinds Be Cleaned?

By far, honeycomb blinds belong to the category of window treatment types that don’t require a complicated cleaning regimen. In fact, honeycomb blinds can get by with only regular dusting. It would also help you clean it by vacuuming it every now and then. If you can find stains in your honeycomb blinds, you can also clean them with the use of warm water and detergent.

Are Honeycomb Blinds Good for My Kitchen?

Definitely! Honeycomb blinds are excellent for any type of kitchen for their durability. Their strong fabric and material will ensure a longer life span. Moreover, consider installing honeycomb blinds in your kitchen area for their resistance against wear and tear. The average lifespan of honeycomb blinds can last up to seven years. This means it can survive an otherwise problem among its counterparts like warping, cracking, or fading.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your privacy and comfort, there is no doubt that a good honeycomb blind’s innovative features can surely deliver. Hence, we at Blindio will not be ashamed to recommend this product to help you save on energy costs, achieve some privacy, and get a restful sleep.

Honeycomb blinds are definitely an excellent choice for your home. Just remember that it would be great if you consult with a professional within your area to assist in choosing the great fabric and material for you.

While you’re on our site, you might also want to check our other recommendations for you to have an informed choice. Whatever you may choose, Blindio wishes you the ineffable joys of designing and the unending blessings of comfort!

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