After a thorough research, you may now have decided to go with a blackout curtain as your preferred window covering of choice. By this time, you may have already learned its many benefits. From how it aids in sleeping, insulation to maximizing insulation, blackout curtains are undeniably an excellent choice.

But did you know that aside from those helpful benefits, there are still other things you need to consider in choosing blackout curtains? This article will help you go through the often-neglected design component of blackout curtains.

It is hoped that after reading this article, you already have a solid grasp of the intricacies of blackout curtains. After all, you certainly deserve to have the best blackout curtains for your homes!

How Important is Drapery Style for Blackout Curtains?

Aside from the fabric of your blackout curtains, it is also essential that you select them according to their drapery styles. Drapery style refers to how your drapes or curtains hang from a curtain rod. 

Why is this essential? Well, different curtains and where it will be installed will require different drapery styles. It will be helpful if you opt for convenience, sophistication, and aesthethics. 

The most common drapery styles are grommet, ring, single-rod pocket, and fabric loop. Each one has its own strengths, as well as weaknesses. Read on to know how each differs, and what is best for your home.

Various Drapery Style for Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are more than a piece of decoration. It should serve its purpose in giving you privacy, relative ease of comfort, block harmful ultraviolet light, and provide better insulation. 

In order for it to function well, careful consideration on the drapery style should also be examined. What follows are the different drapery styles most common in blackout curtains. Upon reading, evaluate which one best works for your setup before buying your latest home investment!

Grommet Drapery Style

By far, this is the most common drapery style in most blackout curtains available in the market today. You will know if a blackout curtain has a grommet drapery style based on its anatomy.

You can tell so by the metal open rings that are attached into the fabric at the top of blackout curtain panels. This will allow the curtains to slide efficiently and effectively along the rod with smoothness. In this sense, you will definitely opt for this drapery style if you want to open and close your blackout curtain on a regular basis.

Grommet drapery style for blackoput curtains will go well for those aiming to achieve contemporary and transitional spaces. Another benefit of having grommet drapery style is that it will give you a maximum elbow room for the width of each panel. That’s too much flexibility without the hassle, right? Grommet drapery style will also render a clean look to any space.

Ring Top Drapery Style

This particular drapery style for blackout curtains has large metal rings that are attached at the topmost part of the curtain. Note that this is not the typical curtain style if you compare to other header types. 

If you opt for this drapery style, make sure thaat the color of your ring designs will match your interior. Like grommet drapery style, this will also make opening and closing your blackout curtains easier.

Ring top drapery styles are also known as eyelet curtains. They work perfectly the same! 

Single Rod Pocket Drapery Style

In this particular drapery style, the rods are hidden beneath the fabric. As such, this will be a perfect match for those hoping to minimize the sight of metal in any room.

Sing rod pocket drapery style is characterized through a channel sewn through the fabric. This channel or hole is where the curtain rod will be slid and hidden. 

Fabric Loop Drapery Style

Fabric loop draapery style has small loops that are sewn to the top panel for the curtain rod. They are both stylish and practical, not to mention the fact that they are super easy to install. 

Back Tabbed Drapery Style

Back Tabbed curtain headers give your window a neat tailored look. With back-tab curtains, the full length of the curtain fabric doesn’t hang below the rod. Which gives it an even feel of texture from the upper to the lower end of the curtain.

In hanging your back tabbed draperies, just simply slide the curtain rod into the loops. These loops are stitched-down tab strips at the back side of the curtain. Afterwhich, hang the rod and make the necessary adjustments. Back tabbed drapery style is a perfect choice if you do not want to show off the curtain rod. 

Other Drapery Styles for Blackout Curtains Worth Checking

On top of the top four drapery styles for your blackout curtains, it is also worth checking these other styles. Who knows these could fit your style, right? Here are the other drapery styles you might also want to check:

Pleated Panels

If you intend to achieve a classical look in any room, pleated panels might do the trick. Pleated panels are timeless, hence they never run out of style.  This style is characterized by pleats that are formed through a header tape. 

This header tape is sewn from the back side of the panel. When pulled together, that is when pleats are created. Hanging hooks are inserted to the tape afterwards. The panels use a pulley system or cord in opening and closing the blackout curtains.

Casual Drapery Style

This is perfect for those aiming for a laid-back feel in any room. At any rate, this will look good on a living room or kitchen. The casual drapery style often uses either grommet or tab top attachments. Let go of the valance as an accessory to achieve the laid-back feel of your room.

Which Drapery Style is Perfect for Blackout Curtains?

The answer largely depends on your preference. But to guide you what do buy based on this preference, here’s what Blindio can recommend to you:

For Easy Usage and Convenience, we recommend that you use draperies with rings. This is because you will open and close your blackout curtains on a daily basis.

For a heavy look and sophistication, you might want to buy those blackout curtains with grommets. They are difficult to open due to heavy fabric. 

For easy installation, go for fabric loop drapery. All you need to do is find the hole and let the curtain rod slide all the way to the end.

Final Thoughts

Are you excited to transform your room from being boring to an exciting one? We hope that through this article, we were able to shed some light on the different drapery styles to guide your blackout curtain shopping.

At the end of the day, the decision which to buy is yours to make. In whatever style you are comfortable with, go for it! 

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