Best Blackout Curtains For the Nursery


Investing in good blackout curtains for your nursery is a great idea, not only will they directly help your child sleep more soundly, but by extension, this will also be beneficial to the whole family.

Children’s overall wellness is the priority of every parent. This is because of the natural instinct of the parent to ensure that the living condition of their offspring is excellent for their overall development. This is especially true for newborn babies who are very delicate and need immediate care.

The overall wellness of your newborn child is very important since poor physical conditions greatly contribute to myriad health issues. The most important thing to do as a parent is to help your kids develop and be happy.

There are reasons why babies always tend to cry – because they are hungry, in pain, have dirty diapers, or are tired and have not had sufficient rest.

Effects of Insufficient Sleep on Babies

According to studies, insufficient sleep among babies may result in serious problems such as slow brain development, learning problems, and tantrum outbursts. This may also cause sluggish growth development and an increase in the rate of sickness and illnesses.

Problems regarding sleeping issues and insufficient sleep are easily resolved by providing your babies with a sleeping environment that is suitable and conducive for sleeping and resting. This can be done using blackout curtains for your nursery to block the light and improve the quality of sleep for your kids.

The presence of darkness sends a signal to the brain that it is time to sleep. When the nursery is well-lighted or exposed to light, children will have difficulty settling and in turn achieving quality sleep. This is because light signals the brain to stay awake. Hence, the nursery should be dim or dark to help your babies rest and have that peaceful-quality sleep.

A great way to improve the sleep of your kids is addressed by the use of blackout curtains. Blackout curtains do not only block the light, but they also give your baby the right environment which greatly contributes to their sleep and comfort thus improving their overall wellness.

Blackout Curtains For The Nursery

Blackout curtains are a smart choice to achieve total blockage of light inside the nursery. This type of curtain is coated with flocked-acrylic coating responsible for the reduction of light infiltration.  The material is thickly coated to prevent light and heat from coming inside the room.


These are ideal for a nursery because of their effect on blocking light. You can be sure that your babies will have longer periods of sleep as a result. They also give additional insulation during the cold season and reduce heat from entering the room during summer periods. They are also perfect for privacy and come in an almost unlimited variety of sizes, designs, and colors.


The disadvantage of using blackout curtains is that there is only minimal natural light infiltration which makes waking up difficult. Since natural light gives our brain the signal to wake up, the absence of such can cause a problem with sleeping patterns. This will likely mean that you will need to have a strict sleeping/napping schedule.

Extra Tips For Your Blackout Curtains

Cleaning your blackout curtain can be made easier by hanging them outside and using mild detergent. It is important not to use harsh detergents or bleach because it can damage the coating of your blackout curtain and have an impact on how dark they make the room. Make sure you rinse them well using cold water to protect the coating. Don’t use hot water as it can also cause damage to the fabric’s coating.

Room Darkening Curtains

A room-darkening curtain can be a good choice if you want to have your nursery dark, but still, allow some light to pass through. Unlike Blackout curtains, room darkening curtains are not made up of thickly coated fabrics that totally block the light. They are made from a thinner material which allows 5% of the light to get into your room and gives your nursery a darkening effect.


Room darkening curtains are lighter than the blackout curtain. This means that they are normally cheaper compared to blackouts. Despite that, they can still give you a similar effect to blackout curtains by providing privacy, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and protection of furniture from the damaging rays of the sun.

Its darkening effect also contributes to your kid’s quality sleep and wellness. It’s also easy to install and easy to care for.


Using room-darkening curtains in your nursery has several advantages. However, there are also disadvantages that must be noted.

Room darkening curtains don’t give you that 100% darkening effect because 5% percent of the light may still pass through the curtain. They are also not efficient when the window is under direct sunlight.

Extra Tips For Your Blackout Curtains

Since room darkening curtains are made of lighter fabrics and have less coating, you can wash them in a washing machine on a slow cycle and with mild detergents.

The Nicetown Full Shading Curtain

The Nicetown Full Shading curtain is one of the most popular nursery curtains in the market. They are heavy curtains because they are made up of layers of fabric which makes them efficient in blocking 100 percent of the light coming from the window.


Nicetown full shading is a good choice because they are also efficient in noise reduction, so while your baby is asleep, they will sleep more soundly without being disturbed by the noise outside. This particular blackout curtain also helps block the heat from the sun, keeping your room nice and cool whilst reducing the air conditioning bill.


Compared to alternatives, Nicetown Full Shading Curtains are more expensive. This is due to the layers of materials and fabrics used to block the light so well. These curtains will also need extra care when cleaning as the blackout layer can get damaged and you will lose some of the effectiveness as a result.

Extra Tips For The Nicetown Full Shading Curtain

Nicetown full shading curtains are washing machine washable. However, get the iron ready as the thick layer of fabrics are easily wrinkled during the process. It can also be quite difficult to iron the curtain so when washing, get a good temperature of steam so that the curtain is not damaged but the wrinkles are removed.


Using blackout curtains in your nursery will really help improve the quality of your baby’s sleep. More than just the design or the style they offer, they promote the well-being of your kids and their overall development by giving them quality sleep. It also keeps them relaxed and calm throughout the day.

Make note of the position of the sun when choosing your nursery curtains. Consider whether the window is in direct sunlight when deciding which of the curtains discussed suits your window location. Also, make sure that your choice of blackout curtain fits your window frame well to avoid gaps and light creeping in.

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