Zebra blinds are undoubtedly one of the favorite shading solutions among many households. This comes not as a surprise since zebra blinds are performing exceptionally well. They are stylish, functional, all while not breaking your pockets.

If you try to achieve minimalism in your home, might as well replace your existing blinds with zebra blinds. Read on as we give you a comprehensive list of what you need to know about zebra blinds.

What are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds consist of a continuous piece of cloth or fabric. It effectively combines both blackout strips and transluscent sunscreen. This is basically where the magic of zebra blinds lie.

Zebra blinds have the combined power of sheer curtains, roller blinds, and venetian blinds. As such, you will be afforded with privacy, warmth and the stunning outdoor view if you install this window blinds.

How does Zebra Blinds function?

Light filtering and maximum privacy are two of the great features of zebra blinds. Note that these features are also offered by other types of window treatments. But zebra blinds are unique in their own right.

How will this magic work? When the translucent sunscreen and the solid blackout strips overlap, the light is effectively blocked. This means you have total control on the amount of light and the level of privacy that comes into any room.

You can adjust the shades with a cord or motor. By doing so, the alternating stripes arranged horizontally overlap each other. When both strips overlap each other, more light comes in. Doing otherwise prevents light to come in.

With the absence of sophistication and heavy appearance,  zebra blinds will be a perfect addition to your home.

Are Zebra Blinds Worth It?

Without a doubt, zebra blinds are definitely worth installing. The list below highlights the strengths and weaknesses of zebra blinds. With its innovation, you will be afforded with efficiency and practicality at a relatively low price.

Pros of Zebra Blinds

Still undecided whether zebra blinds are perfect for your home? Read the following strong points why zebra blinds will be an excellent choice!

Zebra Blinds are a Good Blackout Window Treatment

Zebra blinds with excellent fabric offer a good alternative to blackout curtains. Its sheer horizontal stripes and alternating opaque do wonders from transitioning from light to dark.

What’s great about them is that you will have a wide range of options of colors and fabrics. So even if your preference will be not to let light in, the interior of any room where you will be installing it will still be stylish.

Zebra Blinds are Perfect for Energy Efficiency

In a time where electric costs are soaring, zebra blinds can truly help you save on your energy bills. This is because zebra blinds are energy efficient. It does its job by preventing outside heat from penetrating into your windows. During the winter, zebra blinds also prevent the outside cold from entering, too.

Did you know that zebra blinds can help you save 30% in energy costs? In this sense, zebra blinds will surely save you a lot of money that you can use elsewhere!

Zebra Blinds Are Also Available for Smart Homes

Zebra blinds come with an option to upgrade into a completely-automated smarthome tool. The motorized versions of zebra blinds are easy to use and undeniably convenient. You can operate it with just a press of the button.

If you have the extra money, you can also create a smart hub to enable you to do a lot of things. With a smarthub, you can operate your zebra blinds remotely. This means even if you are still out doing your grocery shopping, you can now open or close your zebra blinds. For this function, you need a special app that lets you control your blinds wherever you are in the world.

Cons of Zebra Blinds

Like any other products, there are also downsides to zebra blinds. But please know that this is just minimal if you are going to compare the comfort and convenience that come with every installed zebra blinds.

Zebra Blinds are Fragile

Zebra blinds are more prone to damage as compared to other standard roller blinds. This is especially disappointing considering its price point. For those with kids at home, having zebra blinds might be a bad idea.

They Don’t Have Noise Reduction Function

Zebra blinds have no acoustic function unlike other window treatment types like blackout curtains. So if you have to install zebra blinds in your home, you have to deal with occasional noise coming from the outside. If you really can’t deal with it, consider dropping zebra blinds among your options.

Poorly-made Zebra Blinds Have Gaps

Zebra blinds that have gaps will have a severe blow in your desire to control the light inside your room. Those that have big gaps due to unleveled horizontal strips will mean more light will be able to penetrate in your blinds.

Pro Tip: Make sure you thoroughly check the zebra blinds that will be provided by your supplier or else you will have to deal with this problem!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Kinds of Zebra Blinds?

There are two types of zebra blinds that you can choose from. Choose translucent zebra blinds if you prefer little light to peek through any window. You will love blackout zebra blinds if you intend to prevent light from entering in your room.

Are Zebra Blinds Hard to Clean?

Zebra blinds won’t be needing much of your resources, either financially or otherwise, in making sure that they stay in good shape. They are also very easy to maintain. With the use of recommended cleaning solutions, you can ensure that your zebra blinds are sparkling clean!

Are Zebra Blinds Good for Big Windows?

Zebra blinds are great to look at in any size of windows. However, if you intend to install zebra blinds in a bigger window, make sure that you have a local supplier in the area. Buying them in hardware stores will be challenging. Hence, you need to connect with a local supplier for proper measuring and installation!

Are Zebra Blinds Expensive?

It depends on what kind of zebra blinds you will use in your home. Normally, typical zebra shades are not so expensive. But those with smart automation tend to get expensive because of its attached technology. Either way, zebra blinds are a sure deal!

How Long Do Zebra Blinds Last?

With proper care and maintenance, zebra blinds can last from seven to eight years. The return of investment you will get from investing in this very useful product will be boundless.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of having zebra blinds installed in your home, now is the time! With all its benefits and functionality, zebra blinds are definitely a worthy addition to your lovely home!

While there are other options that make a good candidate for an excellent window treatment, window blinds are surely included in our recommendations.  With the reasons stated above, you will never go wrong with zebra blinds!

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