Window treatments do not only serve as coverings of windows at home. Aside from its exquisite designs, there are several reasons why you need the perfect window treatment to make your home functional.

One common mistake made by homeowners is that they only set their focus on the design of window treatment. While a good design can help seal the deal, it should also help to underscore the importance of mixing aesthetics and functionality.

What are the things to consider when designing windows and their corresponding window treatments? How can these help in making your rooms more functional and beautiful? This blog lists extensive recommendations to help you design a room that will surely be a bang for the buck.

Window Treatments As Tools For Perception

Window treatments can add an extra layer of functional value to every nook and space that they occupy. More than its functional value, they also serve other functions that are deeply attached to our sense of happiness, comfort, safety, and even romance.

Our homes are, by default, our comfort zone. It has all the reason to be so. It is where we end our rather busy day, bond with our families, and be just ourselves. As such, it is important that window treatments installed in your homes function in a way that gives you the utmost comfort and privacy. While aesthetically pleasing to see which makes it somehow a statement piece, window treatments can be designed to help your house function as a home.

Did you know that for every perception, there is a corresponding window treatment to make your room truly functional? Read on to know more so that you will be guided in doing your home renovation or your new home built from scratch.

Window Treatments For A Sense of Safety And Security

First and foremost, your family’s sense of safety and security should be among your considerations when choosing your home’s window treatments. You need to research your options and double-check your home as to how much you need to ramp up security, especially at the windows.

If you do have children at home, it is also crucial that you also prioritize their well-being and safety. Did you know that strangulations involving window covering and treatments are being reported to have been inflicted on children? Worst of all, some of these children have been declared dead upon arrival upon reaching the hospital. There’s a long list of window treatment options you can choose from, like these below:

Great Window Treatments For Homes With Children

Cord-free window treatments like electric-powered window blinds are a perfect addition to your home. This way, toddlers will not be able to play around with cords that usually come with blinds.

Another option, which we recommend with the highest degree of confidence, is the use of curtains. However, we recommend keeping it shorter in length to prevent children from being tangled in them or pulling them down once they start standing and walking.

Also, put importance on the proper installation of these window treatments. Hire a professional to install it so as to ensure high quality of work.

Excellent Window Treatments For General Safety

Smart window blinds are a good investment for your home, especially when you are always away. Smart window blinds can be programmed at which time of the day it operates automatically, especially during the daytime to create an illusion of occupancy.

Combine smart window systems with smart lighting systems and you will have an extra layer of security right at your home. These two can either be programmed to operate automatically or be activated by an app regardless of wherever you are in the world.

Window Treatments For Happiness

At our homes, happiness is boundless. It is found in every nook. Try to make it happier and a little more special by having window treatments that are proven to be happiness boosters. For instance, window treatments installed in your kitchen area and living rooms will have a significant impact on how happiness is being radiated in the four corners of your valuable space. Bigger windows that are accented with well-thought window treatments let light in. The more light, the better it would be for your homes.

Recommended Window Treatments For Your Dining And Kitchen Rooms

We got plenty of recommendations under this department, and we rank them according to our preference:

  1. Solar Shades. This is number one on our list because it reflects light instead of absorbing it. Aside from reflecting it, it also effectively lets light in. Hence, installing it in your kitchen or dining room will allow the right amount of sunlight while also saving big time in your energy consumption. Durability is also one of its benefits. Lastly, it also protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays during your meal time.
  1. Plantation Shutters. Excellent for their durability and construction, plantation shutters add beauty to your dining area and kitchen. And since it allows light, these areas will look good as it bathes in external light.  It is also stylish to look at, so having plantation shutters in your home is something that will be a source of happiness for your family and guests.
  1. Roller Shades. This is one of the great options to install in your dining room, especially in those with multiple windows. By simply pulling on the bottom of the window covering, you will be able to allow in more light. It also appears to be clean to look at, making it ideal for your dining room. Customization options are also available if you like to filter the amount of light to enter the room or change its colors.

Window Treatments For Privacy

For your living room to function as a sanctuary of relaxation, privacy, and yes, romance, home designers utilize window treatments that deliver the job well. There are plenty of available window treatment options in the market, but it takes a skillful individual to select the great one for your bedroom. For starters, bear in mind that the elimination of light especially during your bedtime is linked to better sleep. The installation of a window treatment that suits this purpose is not only good for your health but also maintains some level of privacy.

Recommended Window Treatment For Privacy

When it comes to your bedrooms, choose light-blocking window treatments like blackout curtains. Here are Blindio’s  recommendations aside from the hugely-popular blackout curtains:

  1. Cellular Shades. Opt for this window treatment as this will not only be good in blocking the light from entering your room, but it is also effective in reducing the cost of your energy consumption. This is so because they are equipped with honeycomb construction which acts as an extra layer of insulation. This results in the prevention of heat loss at the window and the reduction of external sound.
  1. Roman Shades. Bedrooms with installed Roman Shades not only look regal and elegant but also extend calm in your sanctuary of sleep. Modern Roman Shades come with no exposed cords for a neat appearance.  Aside from its elegance, the true strength of Roman Shades is also its ability to block the entrance of unwanted light into your room.
  1. Window Treatments Combined with Drapery. Mixing window treatments always don’t go out of style but do so with a high degree of caution. While it offers a semblance of privacy, the design and aesthetics of the combination of both should also be thought of well. For instance, it is not only crucial that you select the excellent combination but also think of other design elements necessary to make it look good. Case in point: color combination can make or break any room.

Final Piece of Advice

Window treatments are not for decoration purposes only. It should enhance the overall functionality of your home so as to make it a livable place to live in. To function well, you need to step up as the homeowner in choosing the right window treatment for any room.

Aside from this you also need to consider the room’s purpose, cleaning challenges, and blending with other fixtures inside the room. This may look and sound complicated, but this is actually fun! What you get in return is a fully-functional house made more meaningful by your right choice of window treatments.

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