Windows Treatment for Sliding Glass Doors

Do you wish to get inspired when selecting window treatments for sliding glass doors? Sure, choices are broad – it could be either blind, shades, shutters, track panels, etc. But it could get overwhelming – it is not an easy task to find a design that will fit your home. And your house should be your reflection and your comfort place. Besides, it is a more important choice than it seems – sliding glass doors are not merely aesthetically satisfying but also bring natural light indoors and give access to the view of the outdoors. Thus, we will guide you in choosing the perfect window treatment for light and privacy.

Why Should I Add Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors?

First thing first, let us answer this fundamental question: what is the function of window treatments? To allow you to effortlessly open your sliding doors and give you a mix of privacy and outside view.

Now, there are several reasons why you should get window treatments for sliding glass doors:

  1. Window treatments will offer you control of the light, and you will be able to protect yourself from UV rays
  2. You will prevent extreme energy loss – the heat will not transfer through the windows
  3. Your privacy will be guaranteed – once the interior lights are on, everything is more visible from the outside. Thus, you can simply close the windows treatments

Types of Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

Below, we will represent to you a few options for you to choose from, thinking about the style of your home.

#1 Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most typical solution for sliding doors due to their efficiency and attractiveness. Plus, they are easy to install. Material varies – it could be PVC plastic, wood, or fabric.

To obtain privacy and filter sunlight, you can modify it using a rope, a wand, or remote control. That is, if the blinds are closed, they will lay flat. And if you open them completely, they will be out of your way for outdoor activities.

What Is The Size Of The Slats?

Determining the size is one of the crucial things. They could either be 1-inch, 2-inch, or 3.5-inch sizes – thus, they will fit large doors and windows. But which one will fit your style? If you are after a modern look, opt for 3.5-inch slats. Or, if you are after an old-fashioned design, choose 2-inch. The  1-inch slats are the cheapest and lowest maintenance pick.

And What About Colors?

The choices are broad, but the coloring of your room should decide the hue of your blinds. You can even pick a neutral palette or something more superior that will stand out.

#2 Built-in Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

The downside of vertical blinds is the tendency to break and get dirty. So, the alternative would be horizontal blinds built-in since they are created to prevent dirt and won’t easily break. The vertical blinds are trapped between two pieces of glass and regulated by a slider knob.

It will differ from model to model, but you can control it with external pull cords, magnetic sliders, a remote or smartphone app.

What About Colors?

If you find experimenting with colors an important part of your decor, you will be disappointed. The built-in treatments do not offer a wide range of tones, but only basic ones.

#3 Curtains And Drapes To Cover Sliding Glass Door

If you are looking for the quickest and easiest solution, you may consider the curtains and drapes. They are available in numerous materials, colors and designs. So you may add style to your home. Other benefits are managing the light and effortless access to the outdoors. And above all, curtains and drapes are simple to establish.

How To Pick A Curtain Or Drape?

First of all, you should check its weight of it! You do not want to rail be too weak for it – it could fall and break the glass. Then, if you enjoy a breeze entering your home, pick a lighter fabric.

Also, be aware that the door curtain and drape must be tuckable away. If not, people could easily trip over. So keep that in mind while picking a material.

Which Color Should I Get For My Curtain And Drape?

Since a glass door is a source of sunlight, your fabric could be translucent and, at the same time, permit light to come in and keep the privacy of the indoor area. Gray, cream, and pastel blue are perfect tones.

Or, if you prefer, get completely dark drapes to make your sitting area dark – so that you can rest.

#4 A Panel Track Blind

As you can assume by its name, sliding panel track blinds work on a track. That means they are suitable for extensive dimensions of the glass.

Even tho you will install them in the same way as vertical blinds, you will not have the same issues since they are easy to open and close. Also, do not worry – panels cannot get stuck with each other.

#5 Vertical Cellular Blinds

Vertical cellular blinds or shades are the modern option for window treatments and are available in many materials and colors. But take note that it will most likely be white on the back. So the neutral look will remain from the outside and fit any yard.

They are perfectly suitable for privacy control since they are wide as vertical pleats. And as you assume, you can open them, close them, or keep them in the middle, and manage both privacy and light like that.

Another benefit is durability in extreme hot or cold weather.

#6 Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a stylish selection. With that much of design choices, you can find some that will fit your home.

They either have a track or hinge for opening and closing. So again, you can control privacy and light. And another benefit is durability.

#7 Privacy Sheers

Privacy Sheers are granting you functionality and elegance. Besides, they are available in many different materials and colors – so you can fit them with any room design.

The size can go up to 192″ in width and 120″ in height.

#8 Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are popular because they are eco-friendly and aesthetically highly satisfying. Plus, they are available in both horizontal and vertical applications. And it will go well with many room decorations, including Medaterian.

The material is natural woods, bamboo, reeds, and grasses.

Which Window Treatment For Sliding Door Is Okay For Me?

There are a couple of tips to follow while picking the window treatments for sliding doors.

  1. Match All Your Window Treatments

Likely, you have windows in the room where your sliding glass door is. Thus, you should match all your windows treatments for aesthetic reasons.

2. The Window Treatments Should Open In The Same Direction As The Door

If the type of window treatment allows you, you should make sure that both treatments and sliding doors are opening in the same direction, whatever is from left to right, or vice versa.

  1. Consider Durability

The durability of window treatments for sliding doors is important simply because you will keep opening and closing the door. Further, the low-quality plastic will easily damage.

  1. Be Aware Of Light Control

The light control is entirely under the power of window treatments. Even if you keep your doors wide open, if treatments are not translucent, you will not be able to enjoy the sunlight. Or if you want a bit of shade, they should grant you that too.

  1. Do Not Compromise Easy Access

Both your house and patio should feel like home. Therefore, you will wish to preserve the ability to walk in and out of your house without difficulty.

  1. Both View And Privacy Are Important

The sliding door usually provides you with a lovely view. That is if the landscape of your patio is on point. So, you do not wish to block yourself from looking outside while sitting in your living room. Yet, you want to keep your privacy, too.

Are There Window Treatments That I Should Avoid?

There is no certain window treatment for sliding doors that you should avoid. But each solution comes with pros and cons.

For example, horizontal blinds, wood, and faux wood blinds are overly heavy. Further, opening and closing them could lead to breakage. Besides, they are typically 10-12 feet long. And pets or even kids could be at risk while attempting to lower behind to glimpse out the door.

On the other side, sheer shades and cellular shades have to be fully raised each time you wish to open the door.

In conclusion, you might want to get window treatment that slides left to right.

The Bottom Line

As you saw, options for window treatments are broad. But hopefully, with the correct information, you will be able to pick the solution that will go well with your needs, style, and budget.

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