Balance in life and home is one of the famous principles of Feng Shui. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy which has been practiced for more that 3,000 years, which generally promotes the idea that human life is connected to, and flows with the natural environment. 

By its definition, Feng Shui is the system of law which governs the spatial arrangement and orientation in order to create balance and harmony with the natural environment. In order to create balance and harmony inside your home, you should learn about the commanding position of Feng Shui. 

Furniture is not the only key aspect of Feng Shui. Windows and its corresponding window treatments can be of equal importance, too. Windows are necessary to keep the energy in your room flowing. To obtain balance and harmony, you have to properly select window treatments that keep natural light free flowing inside your space. 

Principles of Feng Shui

The principle of commanding position will teach you how to take control of the space by placing the furniture and other household essentials in the proper positions  to optimize your energy and support you in maximizing the space you are in. The end goal in commanding position is for you to have a space which works the best for you.

So the question at hand is this: Can Window Treatments and Feng Shui Go Together? The answer is definitely a yes. It doesn't matter if you believe in the alignment of things inside your home, the Universe and Cosmos is still guiding you. 

The goal of this article is to guide you in your selection of window treatments to obtain harmony and balance within your home, and to optimize the energy of your living space. This is important to help you take control of your space and serve your best interests. 

After consulting with a number of Feng Shui experts, here are our top Blindio recommendations to consider: 

Choose The Right Curtains 

Curtains play an important factor in harmony and balance. That is why you should carefully select curtains from the fabrics, color, texture and thickness in order to create an ambiance that is suitable to harmonize your living space and obtain balance.

In choosing curtains, natural light should be considered because according to Feng Shui, it's a positive energy. The more  natural light you allow inside your room, the better. 

In order to allow natural light to pass through your windows and have that positive energy, tie your curtains back when the sun rises. Try to tie them in a manner that will not block your view of the outside world. Remember, the main goal is to obtain harmony with nature, so blocking your window is not good in Feng Shui.

It is also important to remember that you should always close your curtains at night since darkness is believed to carry negative energies and bad luck. And you don't want that!

Colors Are Important

The colors of curtains must be considered too, since they are represented by the five earth elements which influence the energy of your home. These elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Earth colors, for example, have a balancing effect on your mind. Sticking to these colors are essential to obtaining positive energy.

Watch The Patterns 

Positive ‘chi’ or energy is also achieved by watching the patterns and visual representations of your curtains. You should avoid patterns that are glittering and loud because it impairs the balance and harmony of your room. 

Window Treatments Should Be Clean

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. This is not only biblical but also practical.  Dirty window treatments not only affect the health and the well-being of the family, it also blocks the positive energy. 

As such, it is important that you choose window treatments that are easy to clean. For instance, among those window treatments that are easy to clean are vertical blinds, roller blinds, cellular shades, and roman blinds. 

Blinds Will Improve The Flow of Energy

Blinds are very efficient window treatments in whatever season we are in. It is not only effective to block the heat during summer time and in conserving energy use, you can also adjust your blinds to let the light in and heat pass through during colder seasons. 

It is a fact that blinds can help control the light which flows through your room. Hence, it also affects the balance and harmony of energy inside your room in accordance with Feng Shui.

In order to operate your blinds in adherence to the philosophy of Feng Shui, you have to keep your blinds open during the day to let the natural light and positive energy pass through.  

Choose The Right Materials 

Choosing the right material for your blinds is crucial. It is important to choose blinds which correspond to the natural earth elements to improve the free-flow of energy in your space. 

You can choose blinds which are made up of wood or bamboo with a touch of natural colors such as green and brown. This is good to  improve your comfort and it also creates a natural aura that attracts positive energy.

Final Thoughts

Positive energy in our home is essential for the well-being and overall health of the family.  Since we stay in our homes  most of the time, it is important for us to apply Feng Shui to attain the balance, harmony and attract that positive energy. 

Positive energy is important to boost our happiness, reduce anxiety and improve our overall health. Since our bodies are made up of energy, we should make sure that we are surrounded with positive ‘chi wherever possible’.

Applying Feng Shui to our window treatments will greatly contribute to the ambiance of our living space. This would align yourself with the positive vibrations. It doesn't matter if your windows are wide or narrow. What is important is that you don't block the windows from allowing natural light to pass through. . 

We have only scratched the surface of Feng Shui and window coverings so if you are still unsure about  your selection of window treatments and how they fit with the philosophy of Feng Shui you can consult an expert.

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