Window awnings are a beautiful addition to any home. They are stylish, functional and most importantly, do a great job of providing shade where you need them. If you are contemplating getting one, chances are you are beset with apprehensions.

In this article, we shall cover all the necessary information you need to know about window awnings. From its strengths, weaknesses to maintenance tips, this is the ultimate guide to window awnings that will help you make a decision in finally getting one for your home.

What is a Window Awning?

Window awnings are external fixtures that serve as a mini roof above a window or a door. It is usually installed to prevent unwanted sunlight and precipitation from penetrating your home.

It is a common fixture used in restaurants, storefronts, and houses. If you plan to install them in your home, you will have no problem selecting from its many options. Window awnings are available in different shapes, materials and sizes.

Regardless of where you will have to install them, window awnings are definitely a nice option for those that want to keep the light away without losing your exterior’s appeal.

Why Do You Need a Window Awning?

There are several things that make window awnings a perfect window treatment of choice. From energy efficiency to boosting your home’s aesthethics, window awnings are definitely a worthy investment. Read on to know why!

Window Awnings Pros

Window Awnings Will Keep You Warm or Cold Depending on the Season

For us at Blindio, this is the foremost consideration why we think window awnings are excellent. During the summer where your windows are directly exposed to sunlight, there’s almost certainty that it can retain heat. This heat retention translates to it being released into your home. Window awnings can help by shielding you against the elements.

It significantly reduces the amount of ultraviolet rays. As a result, the amount of heat retained and subsequently released are minimized. This means your air conditioner will not be strained as much.

Conversely, the same is also achieved during the colder season. Since it has excellent insulation characteristics, having window awnings also means that it also helps in reducing the amont of energy required to heat your home.

Combining these two would only mean one thing: they can help in reducing your energy consumption. By extension, this will reduce your energy bill and ultimately make your homes more energy-efficient.

Window Awnings Help in Protecting your Furniture from Fading

Let’s admit it: fading furniture is such an eyesore. If this really hates you to the core, especially for your outdoor furniture, then installing window awnings can definitely help.

By installing a window awning, you are preventing direct exposure to ultraviolet rays to your furniture. This is extremely important because if you don’t intervene, there is a fat chance that discoloration and fading will follow.

The shades that will be produced by window awnings can really do wonders. You have to make your decision now because aside from fading, your furniture and other materials will deteriorate due to constant UV rays exposure.

Window Awnings Help Protect Delicate Plans

If you are a plant enthusiast or even a plant collector, you will find the window awning to be as useful as ever. This is because the shade that window awnings that will produce will be good for your plants.

Whether it’s the harsh sunlight or the heavy downpour, you cand definitely rely on your trusty window awnings!

Window Awnings Cons

The following are the minimal weaknesses you might encounter with installing window awnings. But a word of advice though: these weaknesses pale in comparison to the benefits it will give to your home.

In the spirit of transparency, here are things you also need to know about having window awnings in your homes:

  • Window awnings can be very expensive to install. However, you need to keep in mind that the high cost that usually comes with installing a window awning is truly worth it. The return of investment you will get in terms of comfort and savings in your energy bill should be your consideration.
  • If you opt to have motorized awnings installed in your homes, know that it might require additional cost in terms of maintenance. Repairing sensors that are considered the heart of your motorized window awnings can be costly. But then and again, the convenience that it brings will definitely be the reason why you should definitely consider having one despite the add-on costs in the future.

Are Window Awnings Still Worth It?

Based on the foregoing reasons above, we can state with high degree of confidence that window awnings are still worthy of your consideration. If you are looking for comfort, convenience and style that is timeless, window awnings are definitely worth it.

We understand that the cause of apprehension might be because of the costs, especially if you happen to decide to have a motorized window awnings. In this case, we would definitely recommend that you consult with a professional to have a calculated investment. Through this, you will be advised on the risks involved, and your installment or discount options.

Do Window Awnings Require a Lot of Maintenance?

The good news about having window awnings installed in your home is that it is low maintenance. To keep it in great shape, there are only a few reminders that you need to religiously do.

The rule of thumb here is that maintaining window awnings will only require you to occasionally clean. You also need to ensure that you appropriately protect its fabric cover and the frame.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts when you already have window awnings at home to keep it in full shape:

Window Awnings Do’s

Window Awnings Don’ts

✔ Use only industry-approved lights for your window awnings

✘ If your window awnings are already damage, have it dismantled. Continuance of its usage may cause accident later on.

✔ Observe your window awnings on a regular basis to check for rust as well as slices in the fabric. If they develop either of the two, have them remedied immediately before it gets worse

✘ Do not use fire or portable outdoor kitchen below your window awning. Its fabric may catch fire.

✔ While you can definitely have ornamental plants near your window awnings, it is essential that you know them well. This is because some of these plants may contain an acid that may damage the fabric of your window awnings.

✘ Do not use harsh liquid cleaners with strong chemical as it tend to damage the fabric.

✘ In case of water buildup after a heavy downpour, make sure that you remove the water. It might damage your fabric and its foundations due to the extra weight.

✔ Do your cleaning once every month if your house is near the beach.

✘ For those that have motorized window awnings, use the remote and the electric motor responsibly. Otherwise, it might damage the window awnings as a whole.

✔ In cleaning your window awnings, use a soft brush and a dishwashing liquid. Use hose with moderate sprinkle to rinse it.

✘ Do not use insect repellent in cleaning the fabric of your window awnings. Using them will significantly reduce the resistance against water by its fabric.

✔ If you have a motorized window awning, consider buying a spare remote.

✔ During winter, remove the valance from your awning.

Final Thoughts

Window awnings are definitely a welcome addition to your home. Not that they are stylish, but installing them comes with a wide range of benefits. We hope that through this article, you have made up your mind about having them soon.

Proper window treatments are important in boosting the functionality and zones of relative comfort in your home. We recommend that you explore other options available for you through our website. It is packed with useful information to help improve your respective homes!

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