Bay windows treated with the appropriate blinds or shades look amazing in photographs. But they also serve a specific purpose, to provide privacy – an essential in any home.

The range of modern bay window blinds can go from affordable to modest to expensive, but with so much choice available, how do you decide what’s excellent?

In this article, we will cover both the strengths and weaknesses of a wide-range of blinds that are suitable for a bay window. The aim is to guide you, as you select what works excellently for your home.

Lets jump in…

Roman Blinds For Bay Windows

Roman blinds are known for their excellent insulation. This makes them one of the great choices of blind for a bay window as you have such a vast area of glass to cover which ultimately, can cause cold drafts. Aside from their excellent insulation when paired with thermal lining, roman blinds can also come with a blackout lining which will be really useful for blocking the light on those bright mornings or summer evenings.


Roman blinds are included in our preference due to their ornate flare and flexibility. Roman blinds add an aesthetic prowess to any room and with thick and heavy fabric are also a good option to control external light.


If you have kids in your home, you might want to reconsider your option to have roman blinds. Roman blinds contain strings and cords which can be a hazard to kids, or even your beloved pets.

Extra Tips For Your Roman Blinds

Roman blinds make an excellent choice if you are looking for a modern window treatment. You can improve your blinds further by pairing them with side curtains.

Zebra Blinds For Bay Windows

If you are looking to achieve that streamlined and minimalist look,  a great option are zebra blinds. Zebra blinds are another modern window treatment offering sheer sunscreen and solid fabric.

Zebra blinds excel in blocking out significant light and give any room that classic look and feel. If you are looking for an even more contemporary solution, Zebra blinds are also able to function with motorization, both looking fantastic and giving you the convenience of controlling them via a remote or mobile device.


Zebra blinds are perfect for those aiming to have total control over their privacy. Motorized zebra blinds are also the perfect solution for child safety as they do not have dangerous cords, wires or loops so are an ideal choice for homes with nurseries and playrooms


There are just a few drawbacks to zebra blinds, but these are outweighed by their benefits, nevertheless, they are worth mentioning. This type of window treatment is not suitable for narrow or oddly-shaped windows, so if you have anything out of the ordinary, you will need to look at another solution. In addition, the fabric Zebra blinds are made from will require professional cleaning which can be a pain and add additional cost.

Extra Tips For your Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds come in different materials, colors, and even styles so make sure you look at all of the options and choose the appropriate one for your interior. One great thing about using zebra blinds for bay windows are their wide range of customization options.

Wooden Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows

Wooden Venetian blinds are suitable for any box-bay and angled-bay windows. Generally, installing them on your bay windows is a good choice of window treatment because they not only utilize a natural product as their main material, but also add sophistication and style.

Wooden Venetian blinds provide a wide range of benefits, whether it’s privacy, insulation or style, wooden Venetian blinds are definitely included in our list of great blinds for bay windows.


As we know, wood is a natural insulator. Thus, wooden Venetian blinds have the ability to protect your home from glare and ultraviolet rays. Wooden Venetian blinds, with their excellent high level of insulation, keeps the heat inside of your home. This is especially useful during the winter when temperatures drop and heating bills rise.


Wooden Venetian blinds are fairly heavy, making them difficult to install. If you decide on this style of window treatment it might be okay to get the help of professionals, the down side to this is that it would likely result in additional costs.

Another important factor you have to remember is that wooden Venetian blinds are not blackout blinds, so you need to be prepared for some light to come through during the day. If this is a problem, it would be okay to choose an alternative from our list.

Extra Tips For Your Wooden Venetian Blinds

Regularly cleaning your wooden Venetian blinds will help keep them looking new. You can do a quick once over with a feather duster to remove loose dust. You could also use a soft anti-static cloth, they also work well.

Did you know that you can clean Venetian blinds without actually taking them down?

Vertical Blinds For Bay Windows

Vertical blinds are among the most popular choices for modern bay window blinds. It’s down to their usability, functionality and cost.

Vertical blinds are perfect for curved bay windows, so having them in your home is both practical and versatile.


The options available for vertical blinds in terms of colors, prints and textures, make them a firm favorite among interior designers. They perfectly fit any size bay window and as a result, if you are looking for both a versatile and budget friendly window covering, look no further than the trusty Vertical. Aside from bay windows, vertical blinds are also perfect for patio doors, french doors, large windows and sliding doors, (these are windows that can also be problematic to dress), so you can see why they are so popular.


Vertical blinds can be difficult to clean, however, there are still ways to clean them on a regular basis. Vertical blinds can be noisy too. The noise they produce can be really annoying. This happens when the blinds are opened and the vertical columns collide and produce that unwanted noise.

The constant swinging motion of vertical blinds also makes them prone to faster wear and tear.

Vertical blinds are also not the great option for privacy due to the gaps in between the vertical slats, as a result compromising your privacy.

Extra Tips For Your Vertical Blinds

Care should be taken to ensure that vertical blinds are mounted properly. In addition to this, it might help to invest in vane savers. Vane savers are either plastic or metal pieces which you can use as covering of the above of the slat to restore the structure. This makes it easy to hang the slat back on the hook – well worth the small investment.

Roller Blinds For Bay Windows

Roller blinds are the excellent alternative to net curtains used for bay windows. Net curtains are fast being replaced by more modern window coverings. Roller blinds fit well into almost all bay windows and are therefore extremely popular especially as they tick the  modern, cheap and durable boxes.

Bay windows are structured in a way to let more light inside your house. Roller blinds complement this when rolled up, and help protect your privacy when rolled down.


You will love roller blinds for a lot of reasons:

  1. They are inexpensive!
  2. They are fully customizable. As such, you can adjust the height and light exposure by rolling the blind to your desired position.
  3. There is an option to control them using a remote or app when choosing the motorized versions so rolling up or rolling down will be as simple as pressing a button.
  4. Roller blinds are available in different styles, materials and colors. With these options available, you will not find it difficult to dress any window in any room, not just bay windows!


You will find it difficult to install roller blinds to any irregular-shaped windows. You would likely need the help of a professional window treatment company if you are really keen on having them for your bay windows.

In the safety department, roller blinds are not very safe for homes with children as they have dangling cords. Opt for cordless or motorized in this case.

Extra Tips For Your Roller Blinds

You can keep your roller blinds clean and free from dust on a regular basis. You can use a vacuum with a brush attachment. You can also opt to spot clean any stains by using a small amount of mild detergent solution. Another option is to use an alcohol-free wipes.

Do not be tempted to use spray cleaners on roller blinds as this will almost certainly stain or  damage blind’s fabric.

Pleated Blinds for Bay Windows

Pleated blinds, although not so popular in the US, make perfect  blinds for any bay window. They are great for achieving that minimalist look thanks to their slim profile.

What you get is a neat appearance and the fact that they fit perfectly to any window including bay windows is the perfect reason to choose them.


Pleated blinds are available in a wide array of fabrics. You can choose between woven grass-look fabric to just plain colors. Depending on the style of your room, there are plenty of options to choose from.


One downside for pleated blinds is that they are not as energy-efficient compared to their counterparts. While they are effective in protecting you against heat in the summer, the same is not true for insulating against cold during winter. This is because of their single layer design.

Extra Tip for your Pleated Blinds

If you are looking to block out light but love the other benefits provided by pleated blinds, you can choose a design that includes blackout fabric. If you do, be mindful of the light penetrating through the sides of the pleated blinds.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the perfect blinds for your bay windows, always use this criteria: energy efficiency, safety, comfort and style. With the points discussed in this article, you are now fully equipped with the necessary information to achieve that modern bay window finish

Be sure to check out our other articles to help guide you with all aspects of styling your windows.

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