Motorized awnings are slowly gaining popularity due to their functionality and style. If you want to reduce sunlight or rain, installing a motorized awning on your home will be a good investment.

Of course, the main thing about motorized awnings is their automation ability. That means convenience as you can easily use them whenever you want. There are plenty of options available in the market today that you can choose from.

This article will cover everything under the sun about motorized awnings, including its benefits and weaknesses. By reading this, it is our hope that you will be able to discover its wonders and finally decide to install them one of these days.

What Is A Motorized Awning?

Motorized awnings provide your household sun and weather protection with just a tap. It is similarly constructed to a retractable awning or patio awning. The only difference in this type of awning is that it comes with an electric motor for remote-controlled operation.

With the popularity of automation nowadays, you can easily control when to open and close your awnings from any spot in your room. This is especially hopeful if you wish to transform your abode into a smart home.

Motorized awnings are effective in blocking sunlight and rain on your balcony. If you own a shop with al fresco dining area, having motorized awnings will also be a good idea.

High-end motorized awnings come with wind sensors. These sensors automatically close your awning either partially or completely depending on the weather condition.

Having motorized awnings will surely upgrade your space, and improve the level of its weather resistance. They are available in varied forms, colors and styles.

Pros of Motorized Awnings

Blindio has a lot of awning recommendations contained on this site, and motorized awnings are definitely worthy to be included in the list. Not only are they cool to look at, motorized awnings also add value to any home. If you are still undecided whether to purchase a motorized awning or not, here are the strengths of this super durable awning type:

  • Superior Material. Majority of what you will find in the market today are made of industry-grade materials like aluminum. This ensures that they are of superior strength to withstand any exposure to the weather elements like extreme heat and rainwater.

  • Die-Cast Technology. Most motorized awnings today utilize an extremely useful die-casting technology. The benefit you will get from this is its longer lifespan.

  • Cost-effective. Don’t be fooled by the curse of automation, as not all that uses smart technology is expensive. There are affordable options you can find that will not literally mean breaking the bank.

  • Easy installation. You will not have to worry about installing motorized awnings yourself because it is as easy as 123. Unlike before when you heavily rely on printed materials with illustrations that are hard to understand, most products today come with instructional videos. Of course, it would help that you consult with a professional if your area has a supplier of motorized awnings. If none, motorized awnings you can find online are relatively easy to install.

Cons of Motorized Awnings

Like other products, motorized awnings have a slew of weaknesses. But these cons don’t make them not deserving of your attention. Here are some of the few:

  • Price. Compared with other types of awnings, motorized awnings carry a price, but not to the point that it is too expensive. They are reasonably priced for their functionality. So if you have the extra budget, having motorized awnings will be bang for the buck!

  • Dependence on Energy. Consider this as an extra cost for your monthly energy consumption. But it compensates for the convenience of not closing and opening it manually. They don’t take much in the meter, but if you are on a tight budget, consider other awning options like a cassette awning.

  • Maintenance Costs. If you have decided to get a motorized awning, consider adding it to your budget the regular maintenance. Having periodic maintenance will ensure the smooth operation of your motorized awnings. Professionals suggest you do this requirement once every six months.

What’s The Difference Between Motorized Awnings And Retractable Awnings?

Don’t get confused with the terminologies here. To put it simply, the difference between retractable awnings and motorized awnings lies in the technology it uses.

Retractable awnings are generally manually-operated, while motorized awnings have motor sensors and mechanisms in it that make them an advanced type of awning.

Regardless of your preference, remember this always: choosing what’s right for you depends on your budget, taste, and your comfort in using smart technology.

Are Motorized Awnings Durable?

More than the technology involved, homeowners adore the dependability and durability of motorized awnings. This is because of the industry-grade materials that make up the construction of every bit of this awning type.

Because of their durability, motorized awnings are a staple item on any patio or deck. Its durability will afford you convenience, protection, and affordability.

While it is indeed tempting to buy non-retractable awnings due to their affordability, they same will not be as durable to withstand extreme weather conditions. Just think of the high wind, heavy rain, or snow. These are the considerations you need to include in your decision points in purchasing motorized awnings or any awning for that matter.

Tips For Your Motorized Awnings

Before Purchasing

  • Consult with a professional in your area to help you assess what will work best for your household. It is better that you leave to the professional any recommendations, considering the price point. Any single mistake will cost you your precious moolah!

  • Have a concrete plan of where you want your motorized awning installed. As such, you will be having an idea of what time of the day it is exposed to the sun, and other factors to keep your motorized awnings to be fully functional.

After Purchasing

  • The health and total functionality of your motorized awnings depend on their motor and sensors. Having stated that, it is equally important that you make sure that they are regularly checked. Periodic maintenance will surely ensure that your motorized awnings will last for how many years.

  • Ensure that you conduct regular dusting and wiping. Doing so will maintain the color vibrancy of your motorized awnings. Check with your local supplier on what liquid type is suitable, as well as the type of fabric. Since this awning has a sensor and a motor, you need to be very careful in using inputs that can damage them.

  • Regularly for any spot of rust. If left untreated, this can be extremely harmful to the functionality of your investment. Again, consult with your supplier on how to prevent it, or if rust is already spotted, how to treat them. Advanced motorized awnings today have antirust technology, but this feature comes with a price.

Hottest Trends on Motorized Awnings You Need to Try

Depending on your mood and style, here are the hottest trends in household designing today that can help you in choosing the right motorized awning for your beloved home:

Opt for brighter colors for your motorized awning’s canopy so it will stand out in foliage of green hues. ALEKO is selling like hotcakes for its timeless design, not to mention its many useful features.

ALEKO’s awnings are compatible with reinforced concrete, wood frames, and brick walls. This makes it a runaway favorite among homeowners since it is easy to install.

If your budget won’t permit this time for a motorized awning, you can also check this article for Blindio’s recommendations.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for style and convenience, there is no doubt that motorized awnings are definitely a must for your household. With the foregoing, we hope to have imparted your knowledge regarding this trusty household item.

Be sure to check our comprehensive guide on awnings, so as to broaden your options for your decks or patios.

We would appreciate if you can drop some photos in the comments section below so that we can see how you transformed your place with motorized awnings!

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