If you are looking for high end features before finally buying blinds for your balconies, you are in the right place. We rounded the internet for recommendations on what are a good choice of blind for almost any type of balcony. 

A careful selection of proper window treatment for this purpose is necessary. This must take into consideration the weather elements all items in the balcony are exposed to. This includes rainwater, dust, and even insects.

Read on as we give you a comprehensive take on the most important features you need to know before buying and installing blinds in your balconies.

What Are Balcony Blinds?

Balcony blinds are gaining popularity nowadays, especially in apartments. Over the years, balcony blinds for apartments have redefined the architectural feel of any space.

Balcony blinds are generally a type of window treatment that are generally installed as a shield for your homes against sunlight, wind, and rain. Those who love to entertain their family members and friends at the comfort of their balcony spaces will truly love the benefit that comes with balcony blinds.

Technically, balcony blinds are purposely designed to combat weather elements and conditions. This way, you would be able to maximize the use of your balcony.

Why Do You Need A Balcony Blind?

Now that you know its purpose, you might have asked yourself if this will be a worthy investment. While we can say with high degree of confidence that balcony blinds are indeed useful, consider the points below to help you decide.

You certainly need a balcony blinds, if:

  • You love staying or entertaining in your balcony spaces regardless of its size;
  • You want to eliminate or control the light that peeks through your balconies in a certain hour of the day;
  • You want to have a total control of your privacy after enjoying the stunning views outside;  and 
  • You want to reinvigorate your space by adding a stunning piece of blinds that effectively blends with its environs.

The Most Important Features You Need To Find To Maximize Your Balcony Blinds

You need to take a look at some features to fully maximize the functionality of your window blinds. Use the points below as your checklist in deciding which one to buy among the many balcony blinds available in the market today.

Take note that these recommendations are crafted with the weather elements in mind, combining both aesthetic and functionality in mind.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. There Should Be No Gaps

This only works for those who have U-shaped or L-shaped balconies. This special setup will require you to have rows after rows of blinds so as to prevent having gaps. You need to find a product that has no gaps in between, as this where the elements could penetrate.

In these gaps, it is possible that rain or wind can enter. As such, you need to be extra meticulous in choosing blinds. Otherwise, installing them in your balconies will be useless.

2. Sturdy Panels To Beat The Harshest Weather Conditions

Whether in summer or during winter, you need to make sure that the panels that come with your balcony blinds are sturdy. Aside from promising longer life span, those built with sturdy panels can bring a lot of wonders.

For instance, properly-built balcony blinds using sturdy panels can aid in maximizing the potential of any window treatment. Among these are proper protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays. 

3. Select The Most Appropriate Fabric

Since balcony blinds are installed in an outdoor setup, it is wise to buy those with superb fabric. A good fabric can withstand dust, rain and insects on your balcony. Foremost among the considerations in measuring the effectiveness of any fabric for any window treatment for that matter is its low ‘openness’ factor.

An openness factor deals with how tight the fabric of any window treatment is woven. Tightly-woven fabrics tend to block more sunlight. On the other hand, those that have looser weave allows more light to penetrate in your space.

Of course, the choice will be yours for the taking, considering how you would want light to be welcomed in your balcony. 

4. Quietness Factor

Unwanted sounds and rattling sounds caused by outdoor window blinds especially during the inclement weather are annoying. As such, you might need to assess your balcony blinds so as to avoid this problem in the future.

The careful selection of premium materials for your balcony blinds is the key to save yourself from this potential stress. Balcony blinds that use substandard materials tend to produce squeaky sound that will not only annoy you, but also your adjacent neighbors!

5. User-Friendly Smart Operation

If you have the extra budget, consider investing in balcony blinds that are equipped with smart technology. While fancy at first glance, this technology will come handy especially during sudden change of weather conditions.

With just a tap of your fingers on your smartphones, you can easily operate your balcony blinds to your liking. This offers premium convenience on your part. Highly-advanced balcony blinds, or any window treatment for that matter, allows you to even operate it even if you are not home!

Hottest Balcony Blinds To Get This Year

If you are confident of installing your own balcony blinds, there are plenty of options you can get online. However, if you are not amenable to installing them yourselves, it is wise to seek professional advice and help.

Here are a selection of balcony blinds that we are sure will be suitable for your home:

Voice or App-Activated Balcony Blinds

This product offers the needed convenience as it features the latest in smart technology. You can control your balcony blinds using voice and app. If you are fond of Alexa or Siri, this will surely excite the tech-savvy in you!

This product uses premium stainless steel. With a 3% openness rating, you can be sure to block unwanted light in your area. Its motor and circuit are designed to be waterproof. In this sense, you can rest assured that it can withstand the test of extreme weather conditions.

Balcony Blinds That Evoke A Rustic Feel

If you want to achieve rustic feel in your balcony or in your patio, installing this product might help achieve your vision. These balcony blinds use breathable fabric using quality polyethylene. 

You can be ensured 90% ultraviolet protection which promises cooler ambiance for your space. It also has sturdy and durable fabric which resists fading.

Roller Blinds That Effectively Block Light 

When it comes to effective light blocking, nothing beats this product. Made of high quality knitted fabric, this balcony blind blocks 90% of sunlight. Since it is effectively doing its job to block light, you can expect this will translate to energy savings.

Aside from unwanted light, it is also excellent in blocking heat. Its breathable fabric allows hot air to escape. On the other hand, it also allows cool breezes to flow. With these considerations alone, this really makes it an ideal choice for balcony blinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Blinds Are Suitable For A Balcony?

There are plenty of options to choose from. Among these are roller blinds, zebra blinds, Venetian blinds, and wooden blinds. As the end user, we would recommend researching these types of blinds, covering its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which one is a good choice for your home.

Aside From Blinds, Are There Other Options for My Balcony?

If window blinds are not a thing for you, you can choose among these window treatment options that can also be perfect for your balconies:

  • Awnings
  • Sliding Glass Doors or Windows
  • Sliding Shutters

What Balcony Blinds Are Water Resistant?

Due to its location, the need to have water-resistant blinds for your balcony is a must. Being water-resistant promises a longer life span for your window treatment. Among your options are those blinds and shutters that either use aluminum or PVC. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your balcony, a pair of well-chosen and well-thought balcony blinds should be of prime importance. We hope to have given you the necessary information on this matter for you to make a decision on how to transform your space!

One last piece of advice as you decide to opt for this: have a list of your considerations. In view of the foregoing, streamline your list based on your preferences. If you feel like consulting with a professional, do so. 

Investing in excellent window treatments adds value to your homes. Make sure you have thought about it well as this will surely have an impact on your comfort and convenience.

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