External blinds are excellent window coverings loved by many homeowners. However, due to its exposure to all weather elements, it is prone to many issues. This includes eventual brittlenesss, color discoloration, and in the case of motorized blinds, a damaged system.

Sounds horrible, right? Most external blinds are not cheap, so it is important that you take good care of them. Since most of us want our external blinds to be sparkling clean, we came up wth a detailed list of maintenance and cleaning tips you should follow.

This list will undeniably ensure longer lifespan for your external blinds, so we suggest you take extra attention to this. By following these, you can surely make the most of your external blinds for so many years!

Getting to Know External Blinds

In knowing how to take care of your external blinds, it would be best to know how your external blinds work, and the basic material components that it is made of. Doing so will give you first-hand information on how to take care of them.

External blinds, being a type of window covering, are designed for usage in the exterior of any home or building. Installing external blinds prevent the heat from making a direct contact with your windows or french doors, as the case may be. Hence, this can keep heat out of your home, and let the cool air stay in any room. 

These are just among the many benefits of external blinds. Others include maximizing outdoor space, privacy, dust protection, aesthethics, and energy efficiency.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for External Blinds

Here are the important maintenance and cleaning tips for your external blinds. Please take note that each external blind will have its own set of materials, so the usage of these tips may vary. The next section will tell you a detailed process on the common issues found on external blinds.

Have a Regular Brush

Blindio recommends brushing your external blinds on both sides. But be cautious in doing this, as it requires only gentle brushing. You need a soft-bristled brush to perform this. This is effective in removing mild stains that are caused by elements like dirt or debris. 

For this to have a significant impact on your external blinds, we recommend that you do mild brushing on a regular basis. Thiis means you can do this either once a week or once a month.

Do avoid harsh or hard brushing as this may damage your external blinds. If you do, expect early wearing of its components. Remember that your only goal is to remove dust, dirt or stain in a manner that will not result to long-lasting damage to your external blinds,

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals 

Detergents, solvents and other strong chemicals are harmful to your external blinds. Do not trust even the reliable cleansing fluid based on your assumption that it can do a good job in cleaning your outdoor blinds.

Why is this so? All of those mentioned above have harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals have strong components that can weaken the strength of the fabric or materials of your outdoor blinds.

So what can you use instead? If you are worried about removing a tough stain, make sure that your cleaning agent is chemical-free. Additionally, the solution should be gentle enough. In this case, water is the safest you can use.

Have Regular Checkup for any Tears or Loose Threads

Preventive maintenance for external blinds is non-negotiable if you want to prolong its life. One way of ensuring this is for you to regularly check any tears or loose threads. 

Having this kind of issue will affect the performance of your external blinds. Remember that problems start from small ones, so you better do this regularly!

Get Rid of Mildew

Presence of visible fungus and molds in your external blinds are not a good sight to look at. They appear in external blinds especially during humid weather conditions. Hence, you really have to get rid of them! More than this, mildew will have a significant effect on the strength of your external blinds over time. 

How do you remove mildew sightings on your external blinds? This can be done pretty easily by just gently brushing off the mold. For this, you need to use a soft-bristled brush. Afterwhich, rinse the material and let it dry.

Detailed Cleaning Guide for your External Blinds

Consider the guide below in cleaning your external blinds, without taking into account those haave been discussed above:

  1. Remove all particles that are on the external blinds. This is to prevent scratches the moment you rub it with your preferred solution and cleaning cloth.

  2. Use warm water mixed with water-based cleaning detergent. You may also use rub-clean outdoor blind material. Remember that you only use a soft and tender cloth for this. 

Pro Tip: 

  • Don’t be too hard in rubbing so as to prevent damaging the material’s surface.  

  • To make your own cleaning solution, the ratio should be one part of detergent to 10 parts water. Mix it well.

  1. Rinse the outdoor blind material using pure water. Using a soft cloth, dry it by gently wiping.

  2. Let your external blinds dry

  3. From time to time, hose down your external blinds with cold water. This ensures that your external blinds are sparkling clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I clean my external blinds?

The rule of thumb here is that cleaning your external blinds should be done every four months. At the very least, cleaning your external blinds twice a year will do the trick.

Is white vinegar good for cleaning blinds?

While we don’t recommend it largely, white vinegar can be a good alternative in cleaning external blinds. Put a soft cloth in your hand and dip your fingertips covered by the said cloth into a bowl of vinegar. Use the cloth to swap your hand from top to bottom of the slats of your external blinds.

Can I hose my external blinds?

Definitely, but only with small pressure. This is applicable only if either dusting or vacuuming is not enough. For this purpose, you can use soapy water, a hose, and a sponge.

Final Thoughts

Installing external blinds usually comes with a price. It is a worthy investment that is why as homeowners, you need to exert all efforts to ensure its functionality and good condition for a long time.

We hope you got something out from reading this article. By now you may realize that having external blinds is a long-term commitment so as to maximize its use. The technique here is to make cleaning and maintaining your external blinds a habit. Enjoy cleaning!

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