Keeping your home cool during the summer is a constant struggle, and the window coverings you choose for your home can have a big impact on how much heat gets in.

Venetian blinds are a very popular choice and in this article we will discuss how well they keep the heat out and ultimately, if they are the best choice for your home.

What Are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular kinds of blinds seen in the home. They are often chosen because of their ability to keep heat out of the house and, at the same time, help darken a room - almost completely.

Venetian blinds come in various colors and normally have their slats made of wood, faux wood or a light metal such as aluminum.

Although Venetian blinds are easy to operate you have to position the blind slats correctly in order to allow light and heat into the room. The control cords or wands allow you to decide whether to either darken the room or let the sun in by adjusting the angle of the slats. 

Note: Venetian blinds will not completely stop heat from getting in or completely black out a room (for this a specific black out product would be needed) however, they do help significantly.

What Material Is Best To Keep Heat Out?

In our opinion, the best choice of material for Venetian blinds (specifically for keeping a room cool) is aluminum - even more so if you are putting them into a conservatory. This light metal is excellent for blocking out some of the summer heat and nasty UV rays .

The wood and faux wood products are not as good a choice as they are insulators, absorbing the heat and releasing it into your room. As a result they can potentially make your rooms even warmer.

When choosing Venetian blinds, whether they are off the shelf or being custom made, it's worth considering the size of the slats, as larger slats keep the heat out more effortlessly.

Tip: It is essential to remember that the material you choose must be able to reflect light and not absorb heat in order to avoid your rooms getting too hot.

Does The Color of The Blind Have Any Effect?

Generally speaking, the colors of the blind, as on anything else, does matter when it comes to light and heat. That is because some colors and shades tend to attract and absorb the heat while others do the opposite and reflect it.

When we talk about blinds, the most common color is white. Simply because white  is the color that is most likely to reflect both the heat and light, which will help keep your rooms cool.

Note: Colors always matter; in this case, we advise you to stay with white or any neutral colors like cream, and definitely steer away from dark colors! The downside to this is how dirty light colors can get!

Can Venetian Blinds Keep The Cold Out?

Venetian blinds are one of the worst choices you can pick if you want to prevent the cold from coming into your home. The main reason being, the cold being able to pass through their slats and create draughts.

When it comes to insulating your home from the cold, you will be better served by thick fabrics. 

In general, to protect your home from the cold, you need blinds that insulate the window and use either good wood or thick fabric as the material. But, unfortunately, that does mean that it excludes Venetian style blinds.

Tip: If you need blinds that keep the cold out, it is better to look at Roller shades rather than Venetian.


To sum it up, Venetian blinds can keep the heat out of your room but are not the best choice when it comes to preventing the cold from coming in. They are also great product for those who want to darken their rooms or reduce the amount of sunlight that enters, but fr complete blackout you would be better off with a blackout specific product

We sincerely hope that the article was able to provide you with the information you were looking for and that your choice of blinds will help to keep the heat out and your home nice and cool!

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