In this age of the internet where you can readily access tutorial videos online, it is really tempting to do things our way. Doing such will not only be recreational and educational but will also lead to savings. This is because instead of hiring a professional to do the job, you will get to do it yourself.

As a result, you will be able to use the spare money for other things and concerns that need them. Doing DIY, however, comes with a lot of risks. For instance, deciding whether to do a DIY blind installation will be risky. This is because of the money and the technical expertise that comes with the territory.

Hence, you really have to weigh the options. In doing so, we rounded up the important things you need to know before deciding to give it a try or not. Read on as we give you a bird’s eye view of the pros and cons of DIY blinds installation.

But First, What is a DIY?

For those that are not familiar with internet slang, DIY might be hard to decipher. DIY is short for Do-it-Yourself. It is popularized by millennials and later on adopted by the general public as a means to do things their own way.

Technically, DIY is any type of activity either at home or elsewhere by oneself rather than employing a professional. DIYs can cover a wide range of activities — from decorating, building and making repairs at home!

In this article, we shall be discussing the pros and cons of DIY blind installation. Is it doable? Will it cost you more money than the conventional way of having a professional do it for you? Read on and decide for yourself!

Pros of DIY Blind Installation

Blinds are relatively easy to install. This is why a lot of folks are leaning towards doing it themselves. Here are some of the pros of DIY blinds installation that might entice you to just do DIY:

DIY Blinds Installation Translates to Savings in Installation Cost

We all hate the costs that come with home repair, not to mention the hidden and unforeseen costs that come along with it. Dealing with professionals in installing window blinds is definitely costly. Aside from the blinds, professional blinds companies will charge you with installation and extra charges.

Doing a DIY blinds installation is the way to go especially if you are on a tight budget. Since you will not be dealing with third-party blind installers, you can use the extra money in choosing high-quality blinds for your homes. 

DIY Blinds Installation Means You Will Have a Wide Range of Options

The DIY phenomenon gives you elbow room for experimentation. Simply put, you will have extensive freedom to choose whatever you want based on your preference. By doing DIY blinds installation, you can play with different options like color choice and design.

Of course, it is important that you know a little bit about interior design. Researching the psychology of color will also help you come up with a good design. However, you might need to connect with blind companies in your area to know your available options.

You might be limited with only a few choices in the market. But don’t fret! This is where your creativity and wild DIY skills will come into play!

Satisfaction is the Currency of DIY Blinds Installation

Prepare for some level of satisfaction once you finish doing your DIY blinds installation. Doing so will definitely give you a sense of fulfillment and achievement. For this to be materialized, you need to do extensive research.

There are plenty of available materials found on the internet that can help you with DIY blinds installation. A word of caution though: you really have to be very careful in choosing which one to follow as a guide.

There’s also a danger of having too many resources as references. It is wise to select what works for you based on these criteria: easy to understand, easy to execute, and easy to memorize.

Cons of DIY Blinds Installation

As in other things or endeavors, there is also a string of downside that comes with DIY blinds installation. While these are manageable, it is important that you also apprise yourself of the following considerations:

Prone to Errors

If not done properly, DIY blind installation is a perfect recipe for a disaster. This is because DIYs are activities that will produce a high probability of committing a mistake. Mind you, a mistake in this kind of activity will involve your precious money.

Even small errors can significantly increase the cost of your window blinds. Careful execution of the steps is extremely important. Most of the time, haste in doing things will lead to waste. Before doing it, it will help if you calculate the risks involved.

Warranty is Out of the Equation

For us, this is the greatest downside of deciding to have a DIY blinds installation. The benefit of warranty service is one of the lucrative features of having a professional do the job. This will not be availed if you do it yourself.

Warranties are extremely useful for a lot of different things. For instance, if there are technical issues with your window blinds, the warranty will have them repaired at no extra cost. This will be what you will be missing if you do DIY.

DIY Blinds Installation Will Eat Much of your Time

Considering the fact that you will be taking a lot of time to ensure that you will make no mistakes, installing blinds by yourself will definitely be time-consuming.

Unless you have all the time in the world, this might work for you. Otherwise, you might need to reconsider your options.

You Might Get the Measurements Wrong

Measurements, especially for window treatments like window blinds, require precision and accuracy. Doing it by yourself might be a bad idea, considering that you will have lots of things to keep in mind.

If you really are determined to do it yourself, check our article to guide you in properly measuring your windows. This will work for both window blinds and shades, respectively.

When Do You Need a Professional Blinds Provider?

If you feel that you are not confident enough to do it by yourself, there is no doubt that you need a professional to help you. Just a hint of doubt will be disastrous. Unless you already calculated the risks involved, calling for help is highly recommended.

Talking with a local supplier will effectively guide you through the process. They will also be ready with some recommendations on design options or installment options.

Hence, it is very safe on your part. Remember, window treatments like window blinds, are a great investment.

Final Thoughts

Doing DIY blind installation will require you a high degree of confidence. With the satisfaction it brings, it will surely be self-gratifying to see on a daily basis the work that you’ve done at home.

However, with a costly item like window blinds, you might want to think twice. Weigh your options very carefully and decide whether you will go DIY or not.

In the end, it’s your decision to make. And it’s also your money to lose. Either way, there’s only one thing that’s non-negotiable. That is the importance of having good window blinds at home. You certainly deserve it. Whether you go DIY blinds installation or not, having them is a must!

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