Kitchens and living rooms have become the go-to multi-purpose rooms in the house. This makes the dining room the most formal place in your humble abode and that means it has to be the most welcoming yet elegant room there is. So, you should be aware of the dining room window treatments.

As everybody gathers around and engages in lively conversations while sharing a sumptuous meal. It’s where many families and friends spend their quality time together, especially on special occasions or after a tiring day at work. Therefore, it’s only proper that the whole room must exude an inviting atmosphere and that can be achieved with the help of dining room window treatments.

Did you know that the kind of dining room window treatments you use can make or break the decoration of the whole house? People can easily notice how window treatments go well with the color, design, and decors of a room and they can also tell if they clash. Choosing the wrong window treatments won’t only affect the overall look of your house on the inside but also on the outside. Passersby will definitely look at your house and judge it based on what they see from a distance.

Must-Try Dining Room Window Treatments

There are many kinds of dining room window treatments out there. Before you start your quest for the great treatment, it’s imperative that you know your options. Have a good look at your dining room windows and try to visualize the kind of look and feel you want to achieve. Do you have a specific theme in mind? Just make sure that whatever you choose will complement your personal preference.

Finding a perfect window treatment for your dining room can be very tricky, especially if you’re a first-time home owner. The options available can be very overwhelming. Don’t worry because we’ve rounded up some of the most commonly used treatments for you. Check them out below.

  • Play it safe with Roman shades

Roman shades give off a soft, yet structured feel. There are hundreds of fabric options to choose from when picking the great to coordinate with the room. Examples of these are silk fabrics or those with damask prints for a more formal look. Meanwhile, linens and striped patterns can create a more casual atmosphere.

  • Go for cornice and woven blinds

Cornice and woven blinds are usually made of wood and consist of fabric attached to a frame. These kinds of blinds reflect the color and pattern of the dining set. This gives continuity to the rest of the dining space while making your windows look tidier and more attractive.

  • Try woven blinds and draperies

The combination of woven blinds and draperies is to soften those hard lines of the windows. Pairing these two creates a balance and gives off a stylish modern look in the dining room. 

  • Opt for a balloon shade

Do you want your dining area to appear romantic and dramatic? It’s possible with balloon shades. This style takes you back to the French era and will remind you that love is in the air. 

  • Be dramatic with billowy swags

These types of curtains are fabric-draped across the windows. This creates a dramatic and romantic vibe in the dining area as well. If the swags are perfectly executed, these can create an elegant and luxurious feel to the traditional dining room setting. 

  • Choose calming colors

Colors also play an important role in setting the mood and design for window treatments. Going for a calming color makes the dining room inviting and relaxing. Opt for vertical bands that draw the eyes towards the height of the dining room and accentuate the windows vertically as they break the color of the wall and draw your eyes to the windows. 

  • Be dazzling

Do you want to try something glitzy and sparkly for your dining room window treatments? Go ahead and bedazzle your curtains for a dining room. Curtains adorned with sparkly objects like faux diamonds, beads, and Capiz shells can make your dining room look elegant and stylish. They can make the whole dining area look festive, especially during the holidays.

  • Consider asymmetrical treatments

Windows with asymmetrical window treatments give off a prince and princess vibe. The stylish drapes will remind you of castles and kingdoms of long ago.  Try this style of window treatment in your dining area and feel like royalty every time you eat! 

  • Black and gray combo

Putting drama in your dining room never gets boring. In fact, it can give the room a mysterious yet formal appeal to it. Try some black and gray ensembles on your dining area for a more serious effect. 

  • Add a dash of pink

Never be too shy about putting colors into your life and in your dining room! Try pink curtains to add a feminine and glamorous vibe to your dining area. Also, using a lighter shade of pink for window treatments can create a calming and romantic effect. 

  • Go casual with louvered shutters

These shutters are overlapping uniform slats of wood set into a frame. They can give a casual and sophisticated look to your dining room without using too much fabric.   

  • Experiment with artistic shutters

These avant-garde-inspired shutters are another way to style the dining room. They’re absolutely stunning. They can also make the dining room look fresh, modern, and fun.

  • Be unique with patterned grills

These grills with decorative patterns add life to your dining room windows. Be sure to choose those that go well with the rest of your dining area. Such grills don’t need any treatment for it is already beautiful piece of art on their own.

  • Go minimalist with frosted vinyl

Do you want window treatments that never go out of style? If yes, go for something minimalist like frosted vinyl. This simple yet unique window treatment gives your dining room window a frosted look. Also, you can create your design on vinyl frosting to match your dining room. 

  • Modern drapery for a bolder look

If modern décor is your thing, then modern drapes are your great friend. They’re just what you need to add elegance to your dining area. Floor-length drapes with big waves will make your dining room windows stand out.

  • Play it safe with neutral tones

Curtains with neutral colors give the most soothing and relaxing vibes in the dining room. These colors are the go-to colors for those who prefer to play it safe without sacrificing style. They can be easily mixed and matched with other decors in the dining room. 

  • Layer it

When it comes to dressing up your dining room windows, layering is key. It adds more texture and style to your windows. For example, don’t be afraid to combine cornice and woven blinds for a unique look. You can also experiment with swag for a different look.

  • Stick to classic

Pleated panels are the classics in dining room window treatments. They can make your windows look more sophisticated. They’re stylish, elegant, and trendy. You’ll never go wrong with pleated panels for your window treatments.

  • Tabletop for a rustic look

So maybe you want something rustic in your dining area. Well, you can definitely achieve that kind of atmosphere by having a tabletop window treatment with its wide ties drapery, and rich texture.

How to Choose Dining Room Window Treatments

Many people don’t care much about the window treatments they have in their dining room, which is a big mistake. In interior design, they’re the last thing to be added and yet they can dress your dining room up or down. They can add sophistication and elegance to any window or make it light and casual. Whatever your taste is you’re guaranteed to find the right dining room window treatment.

Knowing how much it contributes to the overall look and feel of the whole room, deciding on your window treatments should be made earlier on. Here are some things you should do:

  • Choose the length of your window treatment based on style and function

Generally, a longer fabric panel is great for a more formal yet less functional look. Try to ask yourself how often you’ll open and close the window treatments before deciding on a specific length.

For dining rooms, it’s recommended to have a more decorative and functional window treatment. If you’re into floor-length drapes, go ahead and create a more customized look. If you want to use thicker drapes, opt for a puddle-style one that creates “puddles” on the floor. This can help in heating and cooling the whole area, too.

One thing to remember with floor-length drapes is to make sure that you hang them two inches from the ceiling or at least four inches above the molding of your window. This will make the dining room look bigger than its real size.

  • Add layers with sheer fabrics

Sheer curtains can make any room cozy. They’re light enough to filter sunshine but if you want more privacy, you can always pair them with slightly heavier drapes. Your dining room will have enough natural light passing through the windows during the day so that you won’t have to turn on the lights.

Layering also allows you to experiment with different styles. For instance, you can close the full set of your window treatments for a private family dinner. Doing so will block the view from the outside. Meanwhile, you can simply close the sheer drapes for a casual feel during the day. 

  • Install blinds when needed

Did you know that the shape of your dining room is another factor to consider when getting window treatments? For example, if the room has slanted ceilings or if you have dormer windows, using blinds is your most practical option.

Many people use blinds in their dining room so they can experiment with light and shadows. If you like beautiful shadows falling across the surface of your dining room, louvers can provide the dramatic effect you want.

  • Be consistent

Though having the same look in every part of the house is boring, it’s vital that you remain consistent with your window treatments. Simply play them up or down depending on the kind of room. For instance, natural woven shades are charming all throughout the house. Play it up a bit in the dining room by adding drapery panels of faux silks or linens.

You should also be consistent in terms of color to maintain the overall atmosphere of your house. Choose a dining room window treatment that goes well with the color of your walls, floors, furniture, and decor. You don’t want to feel like you’ve entered a new dimension every time you sit down and eat with your family. Be consistent and have that sense of familiarity in every room.

  • Seek professional help

If you’re not 100% confident that you can choose the appropriate dining room window treatments for your home, better hire a professional to help you. Interior designers are the fit people for the job. They won’t only provide you with suggestions on which treatments suit your home, but also give useful tips on how to make them last for a long time. They’ll charge you for their services but you’ll be saving more in the long run. Meanwhile, you may consult with home Depot if they offer free consultations.

  • Shop from reputable stores

You should also be aware of your options with regard to where you can buy dining room window treatments. Do you have a local home depot near your area? If yes, pay each of them a visit so you can compare their products and services. Meanwhile, you should also consider shopping for these window treatments online. Just be sure to transact business with trusted stores or companies to avoid being scammed.

Choosing the right dining room window treatments is imperative, especially if you want to achieve an excellent look for your dining area. Know more about these treatments by doing your own research or consulting an expert.

Dining Room Window Treatments

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