French doors are a great way to increase uniqueness, aesthetics, and natural light in any home they are installed in. They can create an overall feeling of openness in a home that will make it feel roomier and more spacious. While French doors do a good job of making a home feel more open, people do still like having a degree of privacy and light control in their homes.

Purchasing blinds for French doors is one of the great solutions to exercising a greater degree of control over the privacy and natural light in the home. Some types of blinds work better than others for French doors, and going over the details of each one will give you a better idea of what to look for.

Roller Blinds

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to keep your French doors in great shape, roller blinds are one of the excellent options to consider. Roller blinds are great at controlling the amount of natural light that has access through your French doors.

Many styles of roller blinds are translucent, so homeowners can still view the outdoors without worrying about their privacy being diminished.


Roller blinds are also very durable. Their UV-resistant characteristics make them perfect for those who are worried about premature fading and wear and tear. Roller blinds typically last longer in comparison to your standard curtains.

Ease Of Use

Another reason why roller blinds are a great option for French doors is because they are extremely easy to use. Roller blinds can be operated by a motor, a chain, or a spring.

In addition to being exceptionally easy to use, roller blinds are also easy to clean. All it takes to keep roller blinds looking good is a quick wipe with a wet cloth.


Roller blinds are highly customizable, and homeowners can choose their colors, textures, and fabric. If the goal in purchasing blinds for your French door is to increase the energy efficiency in the home, then blackout roller blinds are an ideal option. If the goal is to prevent the sun from causing fading to your hardwood floors and furniture, then sunscreen roller blinds are a wise choice to consider.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are another great window treatment for French doors for a number of reasons.

Design Options

The options by which you can customize Roman blinds are endless. If you’re looking for a traditional look, the hobbled fold design will loop the material throughout the blind. If you’re wanting a contemporary look, the flat fold design utilizes a full piece of material that can be used for unique patterns.

Roman blinds can be manufactured from nearly any type of fabric, and that makes them quite easy to blend in with any type of interior design. In comparison to blinds that are manufactured with denser materials, Roman blinds provide a soft and casual look.


Roman blinds date back hundreds of years, and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. With so many different fabric options available, you can easily swap out other styles depending on your tastes.

Control Over Light

Roman blinds might not be the pinnacle of products when it comes to controlling the natural light, but they still do a good job of ensuring there are no tiny gaps that the light can pour in through.

Increased Privacy

Roman blinds consist of a single piece of material that will cover a window or door opening. That means that people walking by won’t have any small slats or cracks to view the inside of your home.

Energy Efficiency

If you get your Roman blinds in lined fabric material, they will increase the energy efficiency of your home. When your blinds are blocking the heat from pouring in your French doors during the summer, that means your air conditioner won’t be working overtime to compensate for it. The same goes for the cooler months of the year when the heat has the tendency to escape through French doors.

Easy To Use

The motorized versions of Roman blinds make them extremely easy to use. The cordless, motorized version of Roman blinds makes them a safe option even if you have kids and pets around the home.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular style of blinds that are commonly seen on large windows. They are commonly operated by a wand or a cord, and they can be tilted at an angle to control the amount of natural light that gets into a home.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Vertical blinds come in many different colors and materials. You can get vertical blinds manufactured from wood, uPVC, metal, and fabric. They work very well in a number of different scenarios.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for vertical blinds for a French door on your commercial property, or simply to cover the French doors that connect your backyard to your patio, they are a versatile option to consider.

Another flexible characteristic of vertical blinds is how their louvers or slats can come in a range of different widths. If you think you might have trouble finding blinds for the size of your French door, vertical blinds are always an option to think about.

In interior design, vertical lines are used in rooms to create the feeling of height. Getting vertical blinds for French doors can be a good way to have the entrance feel much larger and more spacious.


Vertical blinds are an affordable French door window treatment that won’t end up breaking the bank.


Vertical blinds are easy to clean. In most cases, all it takes to clean these types of blinds is a cloth and some water. If you’re wanting to do a deeper clean with your fabric vertical blinds, the fabric louvers can be taken out and washed.

Over time, every type of product will deteriorate in some way or another. Vertical blinds are no exception to that. But the nice thing about these types of blinds is that they are easy to replace. If one or two of the louvers are damaged or are beginning to crack, they can easily be replaced by taking them out and installing new ones.


Vertical blinds usually operate via a pull cord. You can use the cord to adjust how much natural light flows into a room. In the same way, the cord can be used to control the measure of privacy that you’ll have.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glide blinds are a window treatment that is becoming more and more popular for French doors. Panel glide blinds operate from the center, so when they are open, the panels will be stacked across each other. When they’re closed, they can form a neat and organized appearance across a French door.

Ease Of Use

Panel glide blinds are straightforward to use. They can be operated by a wand that’s cord-operated or even by remote control. Panel glide blinds don’t need to be adjusted when they are open, and they can provide more space in the interior of your home because of their functionality.


Because panel glide blinds slide in the same direction that your French doors will slide, you never have to worry about blockages in the doorway. This can happen all too often with certain styles of blinds that aren’t opened all of the way, and it can quickly result in accidents.


Panel glide blinds provide an organized, tidy look to French doors, and they don’t require a ton of cleaning or maintenance because they are situated above floor level. That means that debris from the floor won’t have as much access to them when people are walking through the doorway.

Many people choose to renovate their homes to include French doors. Because of the great appearance and easy operation of panel glide blinds, they are one of the great window treatments to consider for French doors. In addition, panel glide blinds can be fully customized to fit your specific purpose. You can find panel glide blinds that will block the UV rays of the sun, and also panel glide blinds that can provide a full blackout effect.

Venetian Blinds

Centuries ago, Venetian blinds used to be focused on the upper class of society. Nowadays, everyone has access to these unique blinds that still create a rich feeling in any home they are in. A French door that has Venetian blinds can feel just a bit richer and warmer than some other options, and they are a flexible window treatment that has stood the test of time.


Venetian blinds are typically manufactured from aluminum or wood, and their appearance can be customized to fit a wide range of aesthetic tastes. It’s difficult to pinpoint a type of interior design that Venetian blinds won’t work in.


Venetian blinds provide the user with a great degree of control over privacy and natural light. They typically operate by a cord, and the slats can be maneuvered accordingly.


Venetian blinds don’t require much work to remain looking good. A feather duster or wet cloth will be more than enough to get rid of any dust buildup on the blinds.


Another advantage of Venetian blinds is their durability. These blinds are resistant to constant exposure to the sun and heat while remaining great in appearance. Venetian blinds are also quite resistant to damage from kids or pets in comparison to other French door blinds.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds can provide a tremendous amount of privacy for French doors. They are a lightweight option that doesn’t take up a lot of space, and they can also provide an additional layer of insulation over a French door.


Honeycomb blinds consist of a number of different layers of fabric to form a cell-like structure. Each of the cells does a good job of ensuring the cool air will stay inside during the summer, and warm air will remain inside during the winter. Honeycomb blinds are an energy-efficient option that will result in a climate-controlled environment.


In addition to better energy efficiency, honeycomb blinds are also available in a wide range of options. Homeowners can decide what texture, color, and style of honeycomb blinds will work for their French door, and with so many options, it’s rare that one won’t work.

Privacy Control

Installing honeycomb blinds on French doors will ensure that privacy will be maintained in the home. In the same way that they provide insulation from the outdoor elements, they also do a decent job of providing insulation from the noise. This advantage makes them perfect to install on French doors, especially if you’re living in a busy neighborhood with a lot of noise pollution.


Honeycomb blinds are convenient and straightforward to operate. There are no cords dangling from these types of blind, and that also makes them a good option for those that are worried about children or pets getting caught up in them.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are another great choice for French doors because they provide an organized, clean, and tidy look that always fits perfectly. If you’re looking for a streamlined French door covering that won’t result in any gaps or light leaks, perfect blinds are an option to think about.


The installation of perfect fit blinds is simple and seamless. They easily clip directly to the frame of the French door. They don’t require any screws, and all you need to do is ensure to take the proper measurements. No screws or nails for the installation means that no damage will occur during the procedure. This makes them perfect for tenants that want a window treatment, but not the repercussions of causing any damage.


Perfect fit blinds don’t consist of any cords or wands, making them suitable for environments where children are present. Because they are cord and wand-free, there is no risk of strangulation.

Streamlined Appearance

Perfect fit blinds have a streamlined and organized appearance that results in a minimalistic appearance that will have a room looking bigger than it actually is.

Control Over Natural Light

Natural light in a bedroom or entertainment room can become a nuisance to deal with. If you’re wanting a window covering that will completely eliminate any light that will seep between the cracks of your French door, perfect fit blinds can do exactly that. Perfect fit blinds are designed to fit a French door opening perfectly. That means that there will be no chance of any natural light getting into a room.


If you’re purchasing a customized French door with a unique shape and design, finding the right window covering can be difficult. Perfect fit blinds are designed to fit all different types of shapes and sizes, making them a highly flexible option for any type of French door.

Final Thoughts

While there are many different options of blinds for French doors, each one has a specific strength and appearance that sets it apart from other options on the market.

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