5 Blackout Curtain Options for Perfect Home Makeover


If you are planning to have a home renovation anytime soon, chances are you are thinking about changing your curtains. Did you know that blackout curtains will be a great option for you to achieve an excellent room makeover?

Above their stylish appeal, blackout curtains have a lot of benefits. For one, it aids in promoting uninterrupted sleep. Thus, this makes it a perfect option for bedrooms for those struggling to sleep. However, it is also perfect for those rooms where you want to totally filter the light from coming in. Your preference will mostly dictate this choice.

If you are looking for great picks for blackout curtains to buy for our home makeover, consider yourself lucky reading this. What follows are Blindio’s recommendations ranked according to their functionality. Read on to get yourself informed and hopefully get you shopping after reading!

When Do You Need a Blackout Curtain?

If at this point in time you are still having second thoughts about having a blackout curtain, consider its many benefits listed below.

You will definitely need a blackout curtain if:

  • You want to filter out external noise. Blackout curtains have a muffling effect functionality. This means it can soften external noise.
  • You want better room insulation. Thanks to their good fabric, blackout curtains have the ability to help insulate a room. During winter, for instance, blackout curtains can help your room to be warm. It does so by limiting the amount of cold air penetrating through the window. On the other hand, it can also directly block direct sunlight, thus keeping your air conditioning perfectly working during summer. The result? Savings on your energy bills!
  • You want furniture and decor protection. Let’s get it straight: direct exposure to sunlight on a daily basis will ultimately fade your furniture and decor in time. Blackout curtains block harmful ultraviolet rays. As a result, your furniture, decors, and other fixtures inside the house will be protected.

Great Picks for Blackout Curtains

Premises considered, it is now high time to buy that highly-needed blackout curtains! Here are our recommendations for blackout curtains which you can shop online!

Are you wary of buying things online? Fret not! Most of the recommendations below are of superior quality, not to mention they are from reputable brands. We also took into consideration of the aggregate reviews it got from homeowners who also bought them in the past.

Without further ado, here are our picks for blackout curtains for your perfect homeowner:

Brightly-Colored Blackout Curtains

A great choice is made of triple-weave fabric that has a thick blackout coating on the backside. It ensures topnotch functionality as it has an independent certification affirming that its textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

This will be perfect for those wanting to keep the vibrancy of a room by having a splash of color in the room. Most blackout curtains come in dull colors, but this product is available in different colors of your choice.

Thick and High-end Drapery

Draperies definitely add elegance to your room. Most of the draperies available also have a blackout functionality, thus making it a perfect choice for your makeover.

This product features a heavyweight curtain functionality, thereby achieving the look and feel of a high-end drapery. This product is also machine washable under 30 degrees.

It is durable as it is made with thick and heavy material. This will look good in your room as heavier fabric tends to hang well.

Thermal-Insulated Blackout Curtains

You will love this blackout curtain for its heavy microfiber. It has an interwoven fabric layer complete with durable black yarn. Its back fabric layer promises top-notch weave technology for maximum blackout functionality.

Chances are you will be loving this due to its wide range of color selections. Among your choices are beige, navy blue, grey, and pure white, among others.

Heavy Dressed-Looking Blackout Curtains

Aiming for a rich and modern look for your room? This product will help you achieve just that. It offers a premium-looking look without the hefty price tag. It is efficient in containing noise and light. Privacy is definitely a problem with this blackout curtain!

This product is suitable for all window types. It features a super-soft material but still packs maximum light blockage capability.

Pro Tip: This product is most suitable for large windows — be it in your kitchen, bedrooms, or even your home office!

Blackout Curtains with Floral Print Designs

Curtains with printed designs are still timeless. If this is your design style, this product will definitely be a good choice. One good thing about blackout curtains that have printed icons on their fabric is that it breaks the monotony of any room.

Most popular designs are those with flower icons, most notably cherry blossoms. Installing them, it extends the feel of the outside environment. Overall, this is among the unique choices you can have for blackout curtains!

Other Factors to Consider in Buying Blackout Curtains

Aside from the heavy fabric of blackout curtains, you also need to go a little bit extra. This will ensure that you only select the great blackout curtain product for your room makeover.

Consider the factors below to guide you in choosing what will work for you. These are as follows:

Curtain Style for Blackout Windows

Curtain styles include those having plain designs and those embellished with Ruggles or other stylish elements. Of course, your choice will vary depending on the room where it will be installed in.

For instance, if you have to install it in your kid’s bedroom, you might want to opt for those with printed designs. This will be helpful in igniting their creative brain stimulus.

On the other hand, those rooms for adults and other important rooms in the house like the living room will require plain designs.

Curtain Sizing for Blackout Windows

Do remember that it needs carefully measurement of the windows before deciding which blackout curtain to buy. It will not require rocket science to do this. What it requires is only precision.

Why is this important? It is so since incorrect measurements will make room for light leakage. The rule of thumb here is to add at least 8 to inches the size of the blackout curtain compared to the size of your windows. This will ensure that your curtains will cover the whole range of your windows, thereby preventing leakage of light.

Final Thoughts

Home makeovers should not be stressful, right? At most, it should be fun and rewarding. After all, you are on a mission to transform your beautiful abode!

Blackout curtains, although regarded as non-essential by many, should be carefully selected. With this article, we hope we have imparted knowledge and tips for you to select only what is suited for you.

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