Lights seriously affect the quality of our sleep. This is because light exposure stimulates our brain and makes it more active and alert. The good news is that this can be solved by making sure that darkness is achieved while we rest at home.

Darkness is necessary for quality sleep. This is because darkness signals our body that it’s time to rest and restore the energy we lose during the day. During sleep, our body generates new cells and hormones which help our body function well the following day.

For babies, sleep is just as important as proper nutrition for their overall development. It’s necessary for their immune system to fight infections and viruses and it helps them to have a healthy heart. It also promotes the growth and overall well-being of the child and ultimately, keeps them happy and increases their attention span.

Babies, especially newborns spend most of their time sleeping and are easily distracted by the light. The presence of light makes babies wake up and get ready for the day. Since sleep also plays a crucial role in the child’s brain development, parents should make their room suitable for them to get some great quality sleep.

Using blackout blinds for the nursery is a good solution. Since blackout blinds reduce or block out the light entering through your windows, you can make a room dark enough for your child to sleep even in the middle of the day.

Here are Blindio’s recommendations for blackout blinds for your nursery!

Roller Blinds In The Nursery

Roller blinds are good for any kind of room. These could also be great blackout blinds for your nursery as they block out the light from the window. When installing roller blinds, make sure that they fit the window frame well. Having too large of a gap around the edge may result in the penetration of light and as a result, affect the quality of their sleep.

Ideally, you should make the blind overlap a little or exactly fit the window frame for maximum reduction of light.

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Roller blinds are usually made of PVC and are waterproof. They are durable and not easily damaged by heat or sun. They are also good at blocking ultraviolet rays and help you save energy.

Roller blinds are also decorative and have countless styles and designs. They are also fairly inexpensive and easy to operate. Roller blinds are also available with child safety features to provide your children with a safe environment.


Roller blinds are not suitable for narrow or shaped windows as these require an unusual size. Roller blinds are a longer-term solution meaning you are unlikely to change them frequently.

Replacing Roller blinds can be expensive since you have to remove all parts of the roller and replace it completely with another one.

Extra Tip For Roller Blinds

If you want to optimize the use of your roller blinds in the nursery and experience a more conducive room for your baby, choose a material that fits your window. Regularly clean it with damp paper towels to remove the dust or dirt as these could also cause health issues such as asthma.

Use cordless roller blinds for extra safety. This will prevent the risk of strangulation – a more common cause of injuries among young children than you would imagine.

Need A Quick Fix? Try A Portable Blackout Blind

Roman Blinds In The Nursery

Roman Blinds are another good choice of window treatment for the nursery. They are effective as they also control the light and contain interlining which helps block out the light and keep the room dark during nap or bedtime.

Roman blinds are a smart choice for your windows as they are good for decoration as well as light control. They are also available in various materials and are easy to operate.  They are easy to adjust and also contain safety features for added peace of mind.


Roman blinds are versatile and trendy. They are great for covering windows to make the nursery dark enough for sleeping children. Roman blinds are one of the most popular choices when it comes to their darkening features and they are also great at promoting privacy too.


The only disadvantage of using roman blinds is that they cannot be tilted to allow a limited view, unlike some other alternatives. If you want to open the windows,  you have to pull the blinds above and allow the light inside the room. This will make the nursery fully visible from the outside and therefore limit your privacy.

Extra Tip For Roman Blinds

Using roman blinds as well as sliding curtains is a popular choice today. This is especially good when it comes to the decoration of the nursery as the combo not only controls the light but also makes the room look fantastic too. Layering your roman blinds with curtains is also a great choice for insulating your nursery during cold weather conditions.

Blackout Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a smart choice for your nursery. While they block the light from entering your nursery room, they also promote better sleep which is essential for their health and happiness. They are also good at protecting your baby from ultraviolet rays while they nap.

Cellular shades are made up of polyester fabric. This gives your window good insulation during the cold season or prevents prolonged heat circulation during summer. They have a versatile appearance that readily blends with most home decor.


Cellular shades have many advantages from durability, practicality, and ease of operation. They also have safety features that are essential for keeping your child safe.


Unfortunately, cellular blackout shades are difficult to clean because of their structure. They are also expensive when customized for your preferences and not very flexible since you cannot tilt the vanes.

In our opinion, cellular blackout shades are not as attractive compared to their alternatives. They cannot appear as window decoration, more a practical choice.

Extra Tip for Cellular Shades

Because of their pleated design, Cellular shades are quite difficult to clean. To properly clean them, you have to dust them first to remove the dirt and bugs and then gently wipe with a  microfiber cloth to gently clean each pleat to ensure that you do not damage or deform the shape.

Final Thoughts

A nursery is a great place for your baby to rest and have their own personal space. Since sleep is so important for their development, we need to be sure that their nursery or bedroom is dark enough to promote quality sleep.

Blackout blinds are a good choice to help promote this, restricting light from entering the room and providing the nursery with a dark-to-blackout effect.

Sleeping in dark conditions is not only beneficial to children. It also benefits you, the parent! Lack of sleep is a sure way to have a grumpy child.  When babies have a good sleep, they wake up feeling refreshed and in a good mood.

PS: Expand your knowledge on the importance of a quality night’s sleep –  Remember, health matters!

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