Bathroom Blinds – What Should I Choose?


Bathroom Blinds

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas in the house. Being highly functional, it’s only proper that excellent safety and hygiene levels are observed. In addition to its light fixtures, storage, and suite, it’s also important to consider the kind of window dressings you’ll use. This is where bathroom blinds come in.

When it comes to choosing bathroom blinds, you need to think about form and functionality. Take a look at your bathroom. Do you have a specific theme or color? If yes, take them into consideration when you choose blinds for your bathroom. You can give the whole place a little makeover by making your blinds match with everything in it.

Bathroom blinds are very popular so you can expect to find numerous options to choose from. However, the excellent blinds for your bathroom are those made from water-resistant materials. Although fabric blinds look chic and fresh, they can also attract mildew and mold. Having a well-ventilated bathroom may lessen this problem but in the end, you’ll still be spending more. Your  bet is to play it safe with materials like PVC, faux wood, and aluminum.

These water-resistant materials are commonly used in the production of bathroom blinds. They’re affordable and they’re also available in various designs. Aluminum and faux wood, for instance, are used in creating venetian blinds and as long as they don’t have decorative tapes in them, they won’t get mold.

Now that you’re aware of which blinds are good for your bathroom, it helps to know which you should avoid as well. Among these are Roman blinds, double roller blinds, day and night blinds, and real wood venetians.

Roman blinds, for instance, are very charming but using them in the bathroom is impractical because they’re not waterproof. Therefore, they’re prone to spoiling and collecting mold. On the other hand, roller blinds and those made with real wood tend to warp in moist environments and they collect mold easily, too.

Things To Consider Before Buying Blinds For Bathroom Windows:

If you think choosing the right bathroom blinds is a piece of cake, you’re wrong. It’s actually more complicated than getting blinds for other areas in the house. To start, the amount of moisture and humidity present in the bathroom is of utmost consideration when choosing the blinds that work for you.

The location of the window is another factor you need to consider. Is there a tendency for the blinds to get wet? Is the window too close to the shower or do you have kids who love splashing around during bath time?

Moreover, the temperature in the bathroom is something that you can’t control unlike with that in your bedroom or living room. The temperature here can go up and down depending on when it’s being used or not. This can greatly contribute to the lifespan of your bathroom blinds.

Indeed, choosing the right bathroom blinds need careful planning and consideration. Here are more of them:

Bathroom Blinds Where They Can Easily Get Wet

Observe your bathroom and try to analyze what your bathroom blinds will be exposed to. Are they prone to getting damp or wet? Is your bathroom steamy and takes a while for humidity to clear? Do you want to filter light coming in from the outside and ensure your privacy? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you decide on the blinds you want to get for your bathroom.

If you think the blinds will get wet regularly and there’s a lot of moisture in your bathroom, your excellent bet is to get PVC and vinyl blinds or faux-wood blinds. Such blinds have high water resistance which makes them excellent choices for bathroom blinds.

These blinds alone are more than enough for you to choose from in terms of the degree of control, designs, colors, and finishes are concerned. There are roller blinds and vertical blinds available in a blackout, too. Also, these types of bathroom blinds are easy to clean. You can just wipe them with a piece of cloth or wash them to get rid of dirt, dust, and other particles.

Humid Bathroom Blinds:

When your bathroom blinds are prone to getting wet occasionally or your area is just too humid most of the time, your most practical choice is aluminum Venetian blinds which are water-resistant and can withstand condensation. Further, you can just wipe them clean. If you’re looking for blinds with slats that can be easily tilted to allow the right amount of light you want without blocking the rest of the world, this type of blinds is for you.

Blinds For Well-Ventilated Bathrooms

Do you have a large bathroom with high ceilings and excellent ventilation? Is your bath or shower located far from the windows? If yes, you have more options to choose from in terms of bathroom blinds.

To start, you can use real wooden blinds. They’re the perfect match for bathrooms that won’t get wet directly or be exposed to high humidity. If you have second thoughts, you can choose blinds made of faux wood. Take note that blinds made of real wood can warp in the long run due to wetness.

Meanwhile, do you want your bathroom to look luxurious and super comfy? As long as it’s big and ventilated with windows far from the shower area, you may opt for Roman bathroom blinds. There are hundreds of styles and designs for you to choose from. Some are even made of embroidered fabrics with contemporary and modern finishes that’ll match the overall look and appeal of your bathroom.

More Tips on Buying Bathroom Blinds:

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day. It’s only normal to make it as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are more tips to help you decide on which bathroom blinds to buy:

  • Enough light and privacy

You don’t want others to see you going about your business while you’re in the bathroom, that’s why it’s one of the places in the house where you can enjoy your privacy. As such, you’d want to make it well-lit and at the same time prevent those from the outside from peeking at whatever you’re doing. Choose bathroom blinds that allow you to control the light coming in from the window. It’s a great way to save on electricity and give your bathroom enough sunshine.

  • Stick to your budget

Many good quality bathroom blinds are affordable. You’re sure to find some that suit your budget. However, you can expect to pay more for custom sizes or if you have specific patterns and features in mind. Just remember to prioritize functionality over style.

  • Go waterproof

Investing on waterproof bathroom blinds is a smart move. Avoid using fabrics no matter how charming they look in your bathroom. In the end, you’d want blinds that will last long without worrying about them harboring mold and mildew. As long as you open them every now and then, they’ll be from dampness or condensation. Just in case your waterproof blinds develop mold or mildew, don’t worry. You can wipe them and rest assured that the blinds themselves won’t absorb water.

  • Choose child-friendly

Did you know that bathroom blinds can be a cause of accidental strangulation among children? If you have kids, you should consider getting cordless blinds. They can get very curious and may move around a lot during bath time.

  • Easy to clean

Bathroom blinds can be dust magnets, too. Luckily, you don’t need professional cleaning to keep them clean. You only have to use materials already found in your house like microfiber cloths, dishwashing liquid, baking soda, warm water, and a vacuum cleaner when necessary.

  •  Stick to your style

Not everybody who enters your house may go to your bathroom so why bother with being stylish? Wrong! The bathroom is a functional area where you spend a lot of time and it’s imperative that you feel safe and comfortable whenever you use it. The kind of bathroom blinds you use can contribute to the overall look and feel of the place. Do you prefer formal, casual, modern, or contemporary designs? Are you fond of playing with colors or do you prefer neutral tones? Make sure to use bathroom blinds to your liking.

Where to Buy Bathroom Blinds?

Many people have been using bathroom blinds for years and you can easily buy them in local hardware stores and online. If you want to see the actual product yourself, it’s wise to head to a hardware store or home depot where you can see and feel the real thing. These stores have all kinds of blinds for your bathroom in stock so you can compare brands, materials, designs, and other features. You can also compare prices and if you’re lucky, you can buy yours on sale or sometimes with freebies, too.

Nowadays, you can buy almost everything online, including bathroom blinds. Many online hardware stores have websites where you can purchase all kinds of products. They include actual photos of their items and include specs as well as the key features of each item and their price. Some online stores, even include a short tutorial on how to install and clean their bathroom blinds. You can buy them using your credit card or pay for them during delivery. A lot of these stores offer free shipping while international sellers may charge extra for shipping and handling.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bathroom Blinds

You want to buy bathroom blinds that are affordable yet stylish and of good quality. After all, they are a part of your investments. Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid when buying blinds for your bathroom:

  • Choosing the wrong company

This is especially true when buying online. Many stores have put up websites with eye-catching offers that you wouldn’t miss. But before you click that buy button, have you asked yourself if the seller is trustworthy? Always check the company you’re buying from because the internet nowadays is littered with scammers. Read information about the company and find out how long they’ve been operating. It pays to check reviews from its previous customers, too.

  • Choosing the wrong design

You may not be an interior design expert but surely, you know how to mix and match colors and patterns. Don’t buy bathroom blinds just because they look pretty. Always consider your bathroom’s interior. The blinds’ color and style must match with the rest of the area. If you have second thoughts, you can contact a professional to help you.

  • Getting the wrong size

Another common mistake people make when they buy blinds is getting the wrong size. It’s very tricky to get the exact measurement of your window and if you’re not confident about doing it yourself, hire an expert such as someone from a company that offers free measuring service. You can buy the blinds from the same company and you’re guaranteed that you’ll have bathroom blinds that fit your window’s specifications perfectly.

  •  Insisting on doing it yourself

So maybe you just want to impress your friends by jumping into the DIY trend and installing your own bathroom blinds instead of letting a professional do it. It will save you money and those around you will be proud of you, too. However, there’s never a guarantee that you’ll do it right. For someone who’s inexperienced, the outcome could be disastrous. You’ll end up paying more than necessary. The smartest thing to do is ask a professional to install your bathroom blinds. If you’re worried about the price, choose a company that offers free installation.

Having the right bathroom blinds is imperative. You can’t afford to go wrong or else you’ll be sacrificing your privacy, safety, and comfort. Know your options and do a little research on which blinds are suited for your bathroom to avoid wasting money, time, and effort.

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